What you should all be doing

What you should all be doing

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I’m thinking spacex and spaceforce need to collab with an AI that monitors for missile launches and coordinated response.
Treat spacex as dumb pipes

It’s faster pings than the military deep space ones

It’s a math problem. A thinking response takes much more effort. Why would you put a “smart” ai when a dumb one would be more effective

:de::eu: DW | Thailand: Anti-government protest in Bangkok draws massive crowd | 19-09-20
— "Thousands of pro-democracy protesters are rallying in the streets of Thailand’s capital Bangkok to demand democratic reforms. The student-led demonstrations are calling for the prime minister’s resignation and changes in tough laws against criticizing the monarchy. Organizers say tens of thousands have turned out.

That would make it the biggest protest since a 2014 coup when now-prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha took power.

Authorities have warned against holding demonstrations amid fears that the coronavirus could spread rapidly among participants."

I make AIs. I trust mine with my life.

Cat Powered Washing Machine

I think Japan is focused more on that sort. I prefer practical things (industrial) as i know how to talk to the opposite sex :kissing_heart:

Join Zeus before it’s too late

:hong_kong::cn: SCMP | Will Thailand’s bid to bypass Strait of Malacca ever be built – and will China play a part? | 21-09-20
— "Every few years, or every few governments, the idea of digging a canal across Thailand’s Kra Isthmus – creating a maritime passageway between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand – is brought up, thrown around, and set aside.

The idea of a Kra Canal, which dates back more than 300 years, is aimed at maximising the potential of Thailand’s central location in Indochina by cutting through the narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula to allow the swifter movement of commerce – and, in the old days, troops.

Modern advocates of the project say it will shave about two days off the time it usually takes cargo ships to pass through the Strait of Malacca, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes and currently the shortest sea route linking India and the Middle East with the Asia-Pacific region.

The canal was put on the back burner after a Thai Senate committee advised against certain routes in 2004, but in recent weeks the plan to make Thailand a crucial international logistics outpost through the link has been raised once again – with a twist."

When did UFC become The Iron Sheik vs Hulk Hogan

U.K.’s Boris Johnson to Order Pubs and Restaurants to Close Early - The New York Times

Seems like the world is fortifying against him.


The hell??? Radical racists realizing that the radical left is where they really belong :arrow_up_down::arrow_up_down::arrow_up_down:

Radical racists unity

Lol hex

Richard Hart scamcoin

Cool pic tho :blush:

Meanwhile in Texas

lol, what happened to Alex :smiley:

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Read the book “Return of the Strong Gods” by R. R. Reno to put Soros and neoliberalism in proper context, along with the understanding that Antifa is the paramilitary wing of neoliberalist parties.

Occam’s razor. It’s not Soros smoking cigars with the illuminati or something silly. It’s just self interest.

Anyways, good book.

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