What will happen to other products

What will happen to other products


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Yea but I think that was peanut butter. Not peanuts themselves not being farmed or whatever it’s called.

Ok starting Shortages Report draw a hypothesis with the Intel for the next 6 months. Stop thinking like a civilian. Think like a Hedge Fund Manager, Quant and Intelligence Officer.

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See who is corroborating.

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“In the event of a no-deal Brexit, shoppers will, literally, pay a heavy price. Imported food and drink from the EU will face eye-watering tariffs averaging 18%, kick-starting price rises. At the same time, border delays and disruption will bring further costs which will not be subsumed by industry. A no-deal outcome is bad for food and drink businesses, bad for food security, and bad for every household in Great Britain.”

Stressing the importance of ensuring food security for all, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday said the people of Bangladesh must not suffer from food scarcity as a fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, report agencies.

“In this Covid-19 pandemic, we faced a cyclone, floods and other [problems], we’ve to live this way. But we’ve to ensure food security so that each and every person gets food at his or her home.” The Prime Minister said this while speaking at an international seminar marking the World Food Day.

“Our country is very small in terms of its land size while our current population is 165 million. The most important thing is to ensure food security for such a huge population,” she said while inaugurating the seminar.

Kenya: Isiolo County Government has partnered with the World Food Programme (WFP) to reduce acute child malnutrition and increase food security in the semi-arid region.

The programme that initially targets the most hit regions is geared towards implementing sustainable nutritious food systems.

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Floyd Green, has called on the country’s farmers to ramp up production in order to ensure the country’s food security, particularly in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The minister, who was delivering the keynote address at a digital ceremony to mark World Food Day today, said that maintaining access to safe and nutritious food “must be a critical part of our response to this pandemic”.

“This is the time for not only expanding production of our current crops but also for crop diversification. With the impact of climate change, we must also seek to plant more drought-resistant varieties,” he noted.

STATISTICS Canada’s recent September job market data is reassuring, overall. But for the agri-food sector, the reality is quite different.

Overall, employment in the country increased in September, creating 378,000 jobs, the majority of which were full time. This increase in September brought total employment to 720,000, shy of the level we had before the pandemic. Obviously, children being back to school has helped bring some normalcy to our lives. For the economy, that’s very encouraging.

The agricultural sector, however, is hiring far fewer people than at this time last year. There are 17,000 fewer jobs than in September 2019.

An anemic food manufacturing sector may mean that some products will be out of stock from time to time, especially at the meat counter. And the situation could get worse. Raising wages to make the sector more attractive is one option. With industry going it alone, that could add to the pressure that retail prices are under, at the risk of raising the price of food.


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PG&E lacked basic training before California blackouts

Coronavirus: German minister warns against new wave of panic buying

Supermarkets raised flags about a spike in demand for goods like toilet paper, which saw severe shortages in lockdown. Germany’s Agriculture Minister said hoarding was not just “illogical” but also “lacks solidarity.”

The agriculture minister spoke specifically about hamsterkauf, a German term that defines panic buying and became one of the symbols of the pandemic lockdown experience in Germany.

“Whoever is hoarding is not only acting illogically, but lacking solidarity. And in the end, many of these goods end up in the garbage can,” Klöckner said.

Her comments come as large supermarket chains such as Aldi and Edeka reported a sharp rising demand for certain products, a pattern similar to what happened in March in the lead-up to lockdown measures being imposed.

This is what i told about McKinsey trends earlier

Buying panic will approach similar to March

Mitacs will help municipalities of Canada address infrastructure renewal and agricultural and food supply issues, and other challenges emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has called on stakeholders and private investors to join hands with the state government to boost food production and ensure food security.


Repeating a call first made by St. Paul VI, Pope Francis urged a global move to divert money from national military spending and use it to “definitely defeat hunger.”

Supermarket chains write employee confirmations: is lockdown coming?

A reader turned to Wochenblick with an interesting document: The REWE retail chain is said to have distributed confirmations to its employees on Saturday. They can use them to identify themselves to the authorities as workers in the critical infrastructure. The first lockdown began on March 16 in Austria.

We received the document on Saturday from an employee of a Lower Austrian branch and have no doubt as to its authenticity. A corresponding request was also sent to the company, but an answer can only be assumed on the next working day. For tomorrow, Monday, Federal Chancellor Kurz has already announced that he will make an announcement. Rumors of a second lockdown have been making the rounds for over a month.

Elisa Tset

I’ll leave it that way. As a reassurance, so to speak. Picture is from today.

It is obviously starting again: Aldi and Edeka are reporting on increasing demand for certain products. Photos of empty shelves pop up. Agriculture Minister Klöckner says there is no reason to hoard.

And agriculture minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) appeals to consumers not to buy larger quantities than usual despite the increasing number of corona infections. “There is no reason to hoard” she told the " Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ".

Same news different angle

:de: New hoarding from Aldi and Lidl: Germans stock up on toilet paper again

The corona infection numbers are rising again - and with them the sales figures for toilet paper at the discounters Aldi and Lidl. “In some regions and branches we are seeing a slight increase in demand for our hygiene range,” Lidl explained to “Wirtschaftswoche”.

Aldi Süd also confirms: “We are currently seeing a slight increase in demand for individual products, including toilet paper, in our branches for the first time.”

Toilet paper all shops sold out to almost sold out yesterday #rossmann #netto #aldi #rewe #lidl #kaufland

The supermarkets are fueling business with such attacks
Seen at the local ALDI

Rough translation:

Dear customers

In order to achieve a solidarity and supply for the general public, we have decided to introduce a sales limit (per customer) for the following articles

5 x food (per type)
Sugar / flour / rice / noodles, etc.

We are sure to have an under-utilization
your Aldi Süd team

“We are sure to have your support for that”

a few more links on shortages, gathered already


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Nairobi, the capital of Kenya


jars shortage (none available, shelves have toilet paper instead) in OR, “people must be doing a lot of canning” says store employee

Article from May, updated in August

Even if worldwide coronavirus cases decline, a vaccine is accessible and the world returns to normal, Brooks said it could take years for the cotton and peanut industry to recover.


We are reaching The Onion levels here

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Note that peanuts is used in the process to create quinine … which is both in tonic water and also used as a precursor to hydroxychloroquin…

Well if the “experts” say we must do this, then it must be true. Sorry, but “experts” hsve lost ALL CREDIBILITY with me. Now they are merely noise to piss me off.

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Two of our walmarts have 7 to 10 shipping containers along the back and side of their store. When i did a pickup order, the guy kind of stuttered and said they were doing remodeling. The other employee wouldn’t even make eye contact. My son whispered… sssssoundssss suspicious. And HE thinks I’m crazy. Something is up. Maybe its just renovation. Maybe they are preparing for what’s to come. Why start renovation right at the holiday rush.

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