What we're looking at is a six-person private craft that promises to fly at jet speeds, but with eight times lower fuel consumption, and a range that's twice that of a comparably sized craft.

What we’re looking at is a six-person private craft that promises to fly at jet speeds, but with eight times lower fuel consumption, and a range that’s twice that of a comparably sized craft.

If FAA certification and finding a manufacturing facility goes to plan, we could see the first commercial deliveries of the Celera 500L by 2025.

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It’s like the Hindenburg with wings.

Lol! It’s missing Goodyear painted on the side…


As if Melbourne isn’t going through enough being on the strictest lockdown in the Western world…now this…

Emergency water tankers have been deployed to residents who have no power to boil water after a chaotic day cleaning up from a storm that killed three people, brought down trees and potentially contiminated the drinking water of hundreds of thousands.
More than 270,000 households across 99 suburbs were urged to boil water and about 16,000 people remained without power on Friday night after the wild storms the night before.

But the more researchers have looked for “electrified” mud, the more they have found it, in both saltwater and fresh. They have also identified a second kind of mud-loving electric microbe: nanowire bacteria, individual cells that grow protein structures capable of moving electrons over shorter distances. These nanowire microbes live seemingly everywhere—including in the human mouth.

The discoveries are forcing researchers to rewrite textbooks; rethink the role that mud bacteria play in recycling key elements such as carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus; and reconsider how they influence aquatic ecosystems and climate change. Scientists are also pursuing practical applications, exploring the potential of cable and nanowire bacteria to battle pollution and power electronic devices (see sidebar below). “We are seeing way more interactions within microbes and between microbes being done by electricity,” Meysman says. “I call it the electrical biosphere.”

‘Electric mud’ teems with new, mysterious bacteria | Science | AAAS

I swear I saw a biological power system on Star Trek…

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:ru: Today at half of 9 am the 69-year-old poet Pavel Yaroshenko, famous in Uralsk, crashed in his homemade plane, which he spent 10 years of his life creating.
Yaroshenko had 3000 flight hours, was a first-class pilot and flew to Cuba several times. Making his own aircraft was his childhood dream

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:ru: Сегодня около 08:30 утра известный в Уральске 69-летний поэт Павел Ярошенко разбился на своем самодельном самолете, на создание которого потратил 10 лет жизни.
Ярошенко имел 3000 часов налета, был первоклассным пилотом и несколько раз летал на Кубу. Сделать свое воздушное судно - было мечтой его детства


Bio-neural circuitry | Memory Alpha | Fandom

Found it! Star Trek Voyager

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