What’s your choice ?

What’s your choice ?

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We may not have a choice if people don’t start waking up

It’s gonna take a BIGGER EVENT and then they will wake up

There is always answer C in every question!!!

Doesn’t have to be A or B


Good book regarding above

How many Nokia 6010’s have we found on Mars? Those things are pretty much indestructible.


ABAB :mage:‍♂:mage:t2::woman_mage:t4:

We will start class soon

Identify each HD (Hyperdimensional)

Looks like it was skip day

• HD2-A (child)
• HD2-A (Theater Mngr)
• Raccoon (damn things are just mean)
• HD2 SA - moves objects shaking house
• HD2-SA - Loud sounds physical contact
• HD2-A (child) steal toys
• HD2-B - human soldiers (Black Hat) amusement park of terror

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