What’s this???

⤺ reposted by @0x11qgXE from 🇺🇸 HHH secretary Alex Azar won’t say how many ventilators the US has on hand to fight coronavirus. He cites “national security.”

What’s this???

The World Meter …

Vatican City has an approximate population of 1000 people!!!

Thought Mexico was good? No?

For now

I must have missed that everyone has died except for the pope

Some want to close the border on Americans

I kid you not

Omg. Guess i dont blame them.

I’m hearing of a lockdown coming in Louisiana soon

Mexico is going to be hit so bad that it’s going to regret all the last moves. Concerts, tourism, no preparation

Apparently New Orleans is 3rd in line in becoming the new center of the US outbreak

They will get hit next

Anywhere there’s mass congregation

I think you should study your sources a little better before posting amigo

Yeah that was stupid sorry

New Orleans has a lot of party people. Not the smartest place to be

First Louisiana deaths in 50’s. One man in critical condition is in his 40’s with no preexisting

I’m about 45 minutes from the city, more rural