What’s the YouTube link? I haven’t shared it yet but I have like 41k twitter followers and a large amount in Asia

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What’s the YouTube link? I haven’t shared it yet but I have like 41k twitter followers and a large amount in Asia

I’ve had multiple videos deleted - one of my accounts is banned from new uploads

Youtube Deleted all of them


Wait for sharing this on Twitter?


Fuck. I’m not sharing


I can’t risk my accounts

Just share the trailer and Bitchute link

Do not upload the full version

They see trying very hard to keep the sheep grazing inside the wire(modern society)

I read about people in California in self-quarantine?

hello everyone. hope all is safe and well. i have a question after reading that the iranian doctor said “if you catch it, you’re done.” what does this say about the virus’ mortality rate? are there cases of infected people who have gotten somehow better? also, as a fan of plague inc, im really curious if the virus is able to mutate and develop new symptoms? thank you all for continuing to research and inform <3

Whats the new update on how many people are dead?

Eerie similarities between the Spanish flu and this outbreak

  1. may have started in China in a less deadly form

  2. covered the planet during Q1 but in a less deadly form

It came back in late summer, much more deadly, and killed a different profile of people than in round 1

We are safe on BC unless someone leans on my contact

It’s now in humboldt county in the wild

Mystery of 1918 Flu That Killed 50 Million Solved?

Hello :wave:.
I’m not an expert, but i think that the mortality rate is about 30%-40%.
If we accept that is probably a bioweapon designed in a lab, we really can’t know the exactly mortality rate cause can be different between ethnics or another characteristics like gender or previous genotype marked.
Anyway, Every virus can mutate, the point is that China lies since first day and we can’t compare the mortality rate with Japan or Irak with China because the data is manipulated.

With a standard mortality around 30% you will need a strong infection factor to spread globally the virus.
In this case we can speculate with fluids, contact, proximity, aerosol and fecal possibility (in addition to the time that the virus can survive in different materials like metal or wood).
By the way, the last temperature ratio to survive out of an infected is fixed in 15°C/30°C so the probability of successful vector is high.

In my opinion (I’m not an expert like i said), this virus can be a big motherfucker.