what makes infants almost untouched by coronavirus?

what makes infants almost untouched by coronavirus?

is it because of biomarker Interleukin 8 (IL-8) produced by newborn’s T cell?

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Under broad daylight, a group of gangsters forcibly knocked into the closed merchants and snatched goods and other materialsrn. 2020, the new normal in the heyday.

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the situation in Iran :iran: is even worse than the one they suffered in Wuhan epicentre del coronavirus.

I am from Mexico and my president already authorized to arrive on a cruise to the port of Cozumel with suspicion of Coronavirus … They have not yet disembarked but there is possibility. The same would happen as the Cambodia cruise… :sob:

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Does anyone here know anyone with the virus?

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Best way to explain, means that children are more pron to identify problem cells like the cornavirus and there for there immune system can fight easier the infection, than adults. This is due to there immune systems still forming

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He is in hospital Twee Steden

Here in South Africa they can barely keep the lights on… So not holding my breath that they are testing or even have test kits