What is this ???


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What is this ???

That’s a ship from Star Trek

but Mars/Tunnels/HD2A’s real

The being shown in the video looked familiar to me, I’m not sure what they are called

Just for reference

Yeah just reference it was sent to me in discussion


Here is why it’s real

The helmets :rescue_worker_helmet:

Most movie prop houses have a deal with Team Wendy

But Team Wendy helmets do not come with NODs

And Prophouses can’t justify having $60,000 to $85,000 pairs of Nods

Makes no sense


They just fake it with Air Soft and visual effects afterwards

It’s one of the biggest complaints from Tier 1 SF guys when watching Sicarios duding the tunnel fight.

Not only does that video have real Tier 1 helmets and footage but they are also using IR lasers.

I’m curious on how White Lotus got their hands on it @SidoryP

It was sent to me and it was leaked on Facebook

Even have the IR LEDS on their helmets so Air Support knows which ones are friendly

The prop house I don’t think ISS has that tech

That video is all over social media now.


Keep sharing it

I’ve seen this before where the military/NSA alters footage by dimming it.

Could this be a drone ? Looks more like drone than plane

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