what is the world?

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what is the world?

The time is changing

Website hacked? This is insane

was 19:40, now last showing 19:39:22

19:40:41 ? lol weird

Hmm :thinking:

  1. It’s real, he resigned
  2. They are trolling
  3. Website error testing

Lol :joy:

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yeah theres a few different times flying around.

still says 19:40:41 for me.

Lol they be trolling


i think so. ha

its just a bio page

Elon’s Signal tweet. Signal up 370% today

Newsmax down?

Yeah sure Rabbi

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When i translate in french

if you go to the next higher directory its about pakastani women, think the website is compromised. Remove the Donald j Trump from the link

Weird, yes see the same