What is that tube thing going into the backpack?

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What is that tube thing going into the backpack?

Drinking tube?

Im coughing really bad

I think im done for

Last selfie before i die

What are folks doing re pet dogs in urban areas and keeping them from carrying the virus indoors?


make it till Wednesday

Relax. Your too cute to die.


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Please keep us informed in how you are doing. Are you taking vitamins? Fluids? Rest? :pray:t3::green_heart::green_heart:

Ill be taking now

Good :pray:t3::green_heart:

@Tuesdaynight8888 we are here to support you, take this as an opportunity to listen to and love your body

Since people found out that the English version and Chinese version of WHO’s webpage are different, they removed their advice against using herbs on the English page. Except they forgot to remove it from other languages version. What a bunch of commie morons.

That’s my dream.

lol rip to them braces

Omg I was thinking about this too.

I don’t remember any kids except that dreadful 3 in one bag video

1000mg vitamin C (4X/day) will help with virus and infection :slight_smile: