What is that point

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What is that point

Instead of 3 letter Intelligence Agencies

Things are bad

Keep people in Quarantine

Stop people from going outside

OK, I just wondering why there is a red circle on the street name

Start thinking like Bobby Axelrod and less like a Fox News viewer

Yeah right :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: spreading misinformation now in SA

So @drunkenwhiskers can pinpoint it on the map :world_map: and we can track the location


By tracking the location we can find out the economic state and quarantine measures of that area

By finding that out, you can see which factories are nearby

And will be impacted

Give me a HD version of this photo, I can do this too


By finding out which ones will be impacted

You short it on the stock market

And adjust your portfolio

Lol, great idea

He did it already last night at 2am

Tv Show, “Billions” on Showtime

But yes if you’d like to help would love :heart: it

Well if you guys need some translate can PM me

But I need to go asleep now(

Thank you Mali