What does he mean by this??

What does he mean by this??

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why is blue faction supporting vaccines? :neutral_face:


JUST IN - Explosions reported in the vicinity of #Damascus. Syrian air defenses engaging multiple hostile targets. @disclosetv @disclosetv_chat

JUST IN - Syrian air defenses respond to “Israeli aggression” - state media @disclosetv @disclosetv_chat


I just saw that. Does not look like a normal Israeli craft to say the least.

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:ru::zap:-Allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin says he is preparing to give a major address, later this month, in which he will fire the starting pistol on a “new era” & set out a different vision for the future of his country as the Covid-19 pandemic wanes.




:us: — VIDEO: Moment sobbing migrant boy approaches a Texas border patrol officer after being abandoned overnight by a group of migrants with whom he entered the United States: "Somebody could kidnap me, I’m scared”

Lol :joy: FACTS

Lol White World :earth_americas: NPC

The Pod People Are Coming

Pod Life

Anyone from Phoenix?

Pod Life is interesting :face_with_monocle: hmm :thinking:


OpSec violation

Don’t spend your life scrolling away

Earn Skills while you still can.

Don’t scroll your life away!!!

Former Facebook vice president of user growth Chamath Palihapitiya said that social media is “eroding the core foundations of how people behave” and that he feels “tremendous guilt” about creating tools that are “ripping apart the social fabric.”

“You don’t realize it, but you are being programmed … but now you got to decide how much you’re willing to give up, how much of your intellectual independence,” he warned the audience.

He said he didn’t want to be programmed himself, emphasizing he “doesn’t use this shit” and his kids are not allowed to use “this shit” either—also recommending that everyone take a “hard break” from social media.


“The things that you rely on, the short-term dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created, are destroying how society works: no civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth,”


We curate our lives around this perceived sense of perfection because we get rewarded in these short-term signals—hearts, likes, thumbs up—and we conflate that with value, and we conflate it with truth. And instead what it really is is fake, brittle popularity that’s short-term and that leaves you even more—admit it—vacant and empty before you did it, because then it forces you into this vicious cycle where you’re like “What’s the next thing I need to do now because I need it back?”


Korben Dallas also started an interesting stolen history website. Then disappeared for a bit and the troops carried on the torch to

We should do a movie night on the 5th Element

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Yeah, tracked all the way to the grave.

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Really good one!!!

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