What does he mean by this??

Vancouver restaurant ya love to see it

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What does he mean by this??

Deployment of 60 Starlink satellites confirmed, completing SpaceX’s 10th mission this year (Blue Project :mage:‍♂)

The media would have you believe that these are “white supremacy” attacks. So why was a young, black teen just arrested in yet another?



What a bitch

Hopefully you now understand why Dave Chapelle never bent the knee to Season 3

From Inbox: This is Northern Ireland right now. Riots happening every night for the past week. Teenagers going out to burn down and vandalise their own communities as politicians play the blame game and spread hate.

The Verge: The French army is testing Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot in combat scenarios.


Argentina :argentina: using government DNU to avoid COVID contagion

  • The country-wide suspension of group travel from Egresses and Egresses, Study and Tourist Groups
  • Social activities are suspended at private home
  • Outdoor social meetings of more than 20 people are suspended.
  • Casino, Bingo, Discoques or any party hall are suspended.
  • Recreational practice of any sport in closed places where more than 10 people participate.
  • The closure of bars and restaurants is set at 23h.
  • Circulation is prohibited between 00:00 and 0600 in the morning of each day. According to the jurisdictions, the authorities may only extend these schedules according to the specificities of each location.
  • In AMBA, only the essential ones can be used public transport
  • These care measures will be in force from 0 hours on Friday, 9 April to 30 April.


Remember Kids!

Government Interference
Fuels Innovation

Get ready for an era of new weapons, gunpowder/bullets/guns are outdated in my world.

Is it the Troubles Provisional IRA, again?

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why is blue faction supporting vaccines? :neutral_face:

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so where are the lines between doing an executive order that is in direct conflict with the constitution

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