What do you guys think of this? Kid masks seem hard to find.

What do you guys think of this? Kid masks seem hard to find.


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Correct, not only kids’ facemasks, but also suits. To my knowledge Mira Safety in the US has them available


:large_blue_circle: 对面27楼第四次撒钱了,都百元的。生死关头,钱失去意义!


[Pan Epidemic Revelation] Despair? Someone has started to throw money! This may become an iconic event of human despair in the pandemic!

第四 For the fourth time on the 27th floor opposite the money, it was 100 yuan. At a critical moment, money is meaningless!

So true :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

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推特上有用二氧化硫排放量来推断真实死亡数据的。刚去windy.com看了一下,确实武汉很多点都显示最近几天SO2超高。。。Sulfur dioxide emissions are used on Twitter to extrapolate real death data. Just went to

and took a look. Indeed, many points in Wuhan show that SO2 has been very high in recent days. . .


社區主任:即使懷孕35週的婦女也無法生育。Wuhan District confirmed patients want a bed

Community Director: Even women who are 35 weeks pregnant are unable to have children.


10-year-old boy diagnosed with coronavirus shows no symptoms, raising concerns if the virus is spreading undetected

:alarm_clock: Saturday, February 8, 2020 6:06 AM # 中国 国 Outbreak
This is the so-called cabin “hospital” created by the Chinese Communist Party.
Is this a “hospital” or a killing camp? !! :rage::rage::rage:
:alarm_clock: Saturday, February 8, 2020 6:06 AM

A Muscovite on her Facebook page (

) told how she got into the First Infectious Disease Hospital in Moscow with suspected coronavirus, and how Moscow is “perfectly” prepared for this threat.

According to her, while she was waiting for the results of the tests, she spent three days in the general ward. There was no soap, toilet paper, masks in the department, but everyone walked freely along the corridors. Fortunately, the coronavirus was not found in her.

Read, very informative (

) information for thought.


Russian perspective on death box in the back of a truck video clip: From China, of course, absolutely terrible shots come

For example, like here. The young couple was forcibly (which has already ceased to amaze) been forced to sit in a cramped iron box to take them to quarantine. Screams and squeals did not help, unfortunately

Many people in China are very scared of quarantine. Either they don’t want to lose such luxury as “freedom of movement”, or they have heard that this quarantine as such leads only to one thing - death.

This mms I seen can kill you though I need more clarity in this mms

Jesus. That seems totally unrelated, but also frightening.

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Thank you. She is only 2 so not big enough for this setup.

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