What do we end up with =

What do we end up with =
In response to today’s (September 11) Russian bombing in northern Syria and the night (on night of September 10-11) bombing of the Israeli Armed Forces on defense enterprises in the Al-Sefir area, the Kurds bombed… a Turkish excavator, which was building shelters for units of the Turkish Armed Forces in the Khavtanin region in northern Iraq :exclamation:Lol

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Looks like we need armored engineering

Perhaps the topic of Syria will seem boring to some

But even if one does not take into account oil interests (why does everyone need Syrian oil now, if nowhere to put their own?), then it’s at least interesting - who is on whose side and why the Kurds are not bombing those who are bombing them - and Trump is withdrawing troops from Syria while Syrians themselves demand the withdrawal of Russian troops ?! :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Public affairs?

Kurds have various training and other facilities in Russia. They dont wanna lose that support. And Trump may loose support if there will be any casualties in Syria.

This is so confusing. No wonder i don’t understand anything

I believe Russia is behind all this crisis in the US. They’re on board with China. Maybe they’re trying to take over the world.

I think you are right!! Someone i our Intelligence agencies better get on it

Are you making fun of me???

No i am not. I have been saying that for a while

You got better ideas?

Ohhhh im sorry

Thats my theory

I believe that too. And I believe China let the virus out to topple economies

I do too

That was the start of it

We are really in some crazy times. I live in san francisco and news no longer report on all the stealing going on inside stores like Walgreens or Target.

Ok the trolls are gone

Let them go back to Facebook or Qanon

sometimes all the intel is hard to handle with

Agreed but it was beyond stupidity

To try and blame Russia

For the first time i hear about Kurdish objects in Russia
Usually people in Russia don’t know at all who the Kurds are

Anyway don’t take the bait

yes, keep on preparing :mage:t2:‍♂

Pelosi and Schumer want Trillions of Dollars of BAILOUT money for Blue States that are doing badly, both economically and in terms of high crime, as a condition to making a deal on stimulus - But the USA is coming back strong!

What do you guys think about this?

Markets about to shit on us? They’re supposed to be down…but wait they already went down and the fed of course stepped in to prop it up

Maybe they can’t keep this up much longer and the digital dollar will be announced soon