What coungfy?

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What coungfy?

All the names refer to something in Indonesia

But going to Bangkok tomorrow so that will be more dangerous

Not really

You are more than welcome

To find out the figure

Which is a Chinese State Secret

At the moment

You want to believe that out of a city of 11 million

They are less than 1000 deaths

Contrary to the countless videos

Of dead bodies

Contrary to the fact that in real time I talk to my bitcoin mining sources

And military industrial connections

Go right ahead and believe CNN and the WHO and CCP

现在武汉各大医院都在网上寻求民间捐赠的物质,疫情严重,而很多地方几乎位于无政府状态,民间自救靠举举报,追踪,封门,现在还出现了杀人。此时中共还想继续隐瞒隐藏疫情,不断 封群封号抓人。如果国民还看不清这个邪恶的魔鬼组织,那真是没得救了。

黄冈下辖的黄梅县,有人强出管制路口,被警察打死一个。警察杀人了,不知真假,有警车,死者没口罩。:rage::rage::rage::rage: At present, all major hospitals in Wuhan are seeking materials donated by the people online. The epidemic is serious, and many places are almost anarchic. The people save themselves by reporting, tracking, closing doors, and killings are still occurring. At this time, the CCP also wanted to continue to conceal the hidden epidemic situation and keep blocking names to arrest people. If the nation still can’t see this evil devil organization, it is really unsaved.

In Huangmei County under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, someone forced out of the intersection and was killed by police. The police killed the man, I do n’t know if it was true or not, there was a police car, and the deceased had no mask. :rage::rage::rage::rage:

Interesting truth filters

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