What brand is this? Or type?

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What brand is this? Or type?

…3M lol

The problem with the paper one’s is that they get wet on the inside from the moisture in the breath, which will act a little as a barrier making it a bit more difficult to breath through. Not much, but enough to get you quicker fatigued

3m 6200 series

#中共國 社會動亂前夕。

The 6800 series are reasonably priced, and have the same base for various types of filters, but are full facemasks


Did the film get any awards yet?

Any feedback

What have people been saying?

I keep having people ask me if it’s real


A friend of mine watched it, he didn’t followed the matter really, but he was speechless of what was really going on out there, especially the spitting in elevators etc.

What film?


This hour of unedited footage from Wuhan and affected cities, filmed by citizens, shows the reality of the Coronavirus/nCoV/COVID19 outbreak and government response. Some of the worst aspects of human nature are documented for the purposes of awareness and preparation. The footage increases in intensity from start to finish and there are no trigger warnings. This is not the flu.

Director TUIT
Producer ARES
DP & Audio Chinese Citizens
Catering Telegram app
Screenwriter TUIT
Editor TUIT

Date of Production: 2020-02-11

Email: CORONA-unMaskeD@protonmail.com
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The one @tatsuikeda directed :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Good good

#觀點 你現在所經歷的苦難,都是你曾經贊美的回報!#Viewpoint The suffering you are experiencing are all rewards you once praised!


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Loved it

What feed back are you receiving

I just mean I watched it and I thought it was great. I haven’t been able to share much from here. Still trying to figure things out. Having a hard time trying to add people but I’m hoping to figure it out. I think they have to download the app first?