What a shit show

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What a shit show


These age groups are fake

Men are 65 per cent more likely than women to die from #coronavirus, according to statistics.Figures from the World Health Organization and Chinese scientists have revealed that 1.7 per cent of women who catch the virus will die compared to 2.8 per cent of men, even though neither sex is more likely to catch it. More than 98,000 people around the world have now been diagnosed with the virus, which causes a disease called COVID-19, and at least 3,383 have died. Some experts have put the higher risk among men down to higher smoking and drinking rates – both habits weaken the immune system, making people more likely to get ill. Death rates among people with diabetes – of which there are four million in the UK and 34m in the US – are expected to be around 7.3 per cent, while six per cent of patients who have high blood pressure might die if infected.

The videos most of the ones dropping dead are 20s 30s and 40s

Man WHO and CDC can’t stop lying

and no one has yet to explain 2 people dropping at the same time

So good :joy:

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Well this is fun news :flushed:

“God loves people”

What an excellent shot

This worry me becasue many countries give now billions of dollars to fight with corona but money for what medicines masks of they can’t buy it anyway vaccacine there are not so for what money goes? For organizational like Fema for army go on street? For those kind of actions they prepared from many years ago, this give me thoughts that with this coronavirus its so many disinformations which can be special to take those money make new regulations (anti China when comes to business but also many anti future pandemia) which makes this corona just next step to prepare for “depopulation virus” in future and that I wish rather that this is that “depopulation virus” :slight_smile:

I have my own idea on where the money is going, but the truth is only a guess

Abas Aslani on Twitter: "#Iran’s Health Ministry spokesman: Total #CoronaVirus cases in Iran are now 5823. Number of death has reached to 145. New infections as of yesterday is 1076 and 21 death in past 24 hrs. Those recovered has reached to 1669. #COVID19

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Star Wars, for real. #coronavirus

It’s a post on Facebook? I want to share.

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Can You share You theory here or private? Open mind people should discuss to find more options ways to go :slight_smile:

You come here for the truth not the sugar coated lies

it i slooking like people in thier mid 30’s are getting severe as well the woman in Nebraska, uber driver in queens