West is too soft

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Lol wtf

West is too soft

I don’t think they’ll be able to do the same as China like quarantine a whole city of 10+ million people without major civil and political backlash

2月4日 她是浙江金华 一所医院的女护士 , 几天之后她变成了武汉放舱医院首批出院的患者 。难道她会使用魔法?不是的!这是CCP的演员,她们是CCP的宣传机器,欺骗全世界,愚弄全人类。On February 4, she was a female nurse at a hospital in Jinhua, Zhejiang. A few days later she became the first patient discharged from Wuhan Fanghang Hospital. Does she use magic? no! These are the actors of the CCP. They are CCP propaganda machines that deceive the world and fool all humanity.

How are you guys sure it’s the same person

I think not