🎯 well stated

⤺ reposted by @chazing from this picture was circulating ten days ago

:dart: well stated

yea. what do you think

I like it but I know he will come back and tell you to trim it

He told me to do the same

Did he give you a word count?

Well I’ll send and see what he says, he won’t have time to do tomo anyway

I don’t think we need to call it a snuff film

We should also be critical of the Chinese Communist Party

But maybe not,

I very suggestively imply that if you look

And go to to imply a global misinformation campaign without saying as much

The art of persuasion I hope

I suggested critics were looking for a snuff film and that I not going to give them that. This is a story about people trying to survive

Some comments were “boring” if you can believe

Guess they watch too much bondage p0rn or something i dunno

Agreed yes it’s a story about survival

Happy bloody valentine’s day everyone, belated.