Well, ER doctors are trained in ER medicine, but not very well in internal medicine.

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Well, ER doctors are trained in ER medicine, but not very well in internal medicine.

The australian show “the 100” is more of a documentary than a sci-fi. Without spoiling too much they have spaceships, blood harvesting, mt. weather, and the rebuilding of society

The made a US version of it but I’ve never seen but a few minutes of it, so I’m not sure it’s the same here. But 100 teenagers are sent back to Earth on a spaceship.

It’s on Netflix I think

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The handshake is the ‘real grip of a fellow craft’ - one of 8 distinct Masonic handshakes. Phi Sigma Gamma is also not an actual fraternity- It is a secret organization similar to skull and bones utilized for operational and clandestine recruitment.

There is a much bigger event happening here than what we are seeing. Trump’s video looked like a green screen was used. One part of my analysis says this could be a coup in the making.

The reverb sounded like he was in a hall, and not the diplomatic room. There were no flowers on the side tables.

There are always flowers on the side tables. Trump did a foot and finger tapping sequence while exiting Marine One.

It’s Happening…

:skull_and_crossbones: The Good Doctor is not what he seems…

Do you see it?

Yup. Oxygen cannula. They confirmed that a couple hours ago.

Pyramids of Antarctica :antarctica:

Пирамиды Антарктиды :antarctica:


Pirámides de la Antártida :antarctica:

It’s true they are lying to you about Antarctica. So much of the surface has melted, it looks nothing like the image that they present to you.

Pyramids in the South Pole.

What if Antarctica is Atlantis? Would you start questioning everything? How long have you been waiting to be initiated


6,500-year-old furnace in Beersheba sheds light on ancient technology - The Jerusalem Post

Ben Shapiro: I’m leaving California – here’s why | Fox News


More fleeing from California and Washington State.

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