Welcome Alex scroll up we have the largest collection of Coronavirus videos and intel shared publicly

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Welcome Alex scroll up we have the largest collection of Coronavirus videos and intel shared publicly

Hi Cailey, read above paragraph

Aries thanks so much for this group. It’s a relief to know what’s going down and to connect like this

You da man


From Singapore:

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Ok take notice

On this next post regarding Gold being traded during a pandemic

中国假货遍地 我觉得黄金不会在民间用作交易。There are many people in the family with one or two pounds of gold. If the epidemic is not controlled any more, it will take another two months and three months. One or two 24k gold can be exchanged for less than a hundred catty meters.
Chinese fakes are everywhere I think gold will not be used for trading in the private sector.

I don’t understand

Calculate a pound of gold

And how much food

It can buy you

During times like these

In which there is literally blood on the streets

He’s basically stating it can last/provide for 2 to 3 months of food

And that he fears a influx

Of fake gold

Can ruin the market for private trade

Ley welcome, Start scrolling up

We have the largest collection of coronavirus videos in America

Educate yourself you have much to catch up on

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Short term massive inflation in essentials. Then rip the bottom out of those markets. Debilitating.


Study this post it’s from the Chinese loyalists/youth party members

终于明白为什么叫中国病毒了。:pig: Inside the cabin, the atmosphere is very good. It is great to see the motherland control the epidemic! The old man sang a red song.
Finally understand why it is called the Chinese virus. :pig:

Notice the removal of the doom and gloom

On this post

And how happy everyone is


Aries thanks for explaining

Trust me I’m learning the hard way

Which groups are pro HK

Which ones are pro Party

Which ones are Pro Taiwan

Which ones are mainland but awakened (anti party) , (pro change) etc

So I would not dare post this in a pro Hong Kong channel

For it would make me seem as an American that is pro communist