⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from WEAR A FUCKING MASK!!!! 😷 this has been a Azazel News public service announcement

Nice :+1:

Aries look at all the people in New Orleans getting ready to party :sweat_smile:

No masks

Just Mardi Gras beads

I thought Mardi Gras was last month

Экипаж SkyUp в самолете под телетрапом в Венеции перед выполнением эвакуационного рейса в Киев (с) aviation today

SkyUp crew on a plane under the boarding ramp in Venice before performing an evacuation flight to Kiev (s) aviation today

It was

Fat Tuesday is in Feb

Disinfection from the air

My EA is stuck in Valencia. Very concerned commercial flights ending will find her stranded.



Mardi gras in nola begins in january amd lasts a full month long

Schools out for 2 weeks here as well

Groups like ours, if they don’t see through it, will spread their disinformation.

— More than 1,350 inmates escape from Mirandópolis, Mongaguá, Porto Feliz, Sumaré and Taubaté Prisons in São Paulo after tensions over coronavirus restrictions escalated.

Several guards being held hostage.

I am following a new person on Instagram who is big on the Q theory. She’s been sharing a lot lately and has me really torn on whether this could possibly be related. She’s also been sharing screenshots of messages she’s getting from all over the USA. People in all different states are reporting tons of very low chopper activity. They’ve been very loud and often at night with no lights on. I’m out in the country and we’ve seen nothing, but I’m curious if anyone else in the US has been seeing them.

I live in the DC area. No out-of-the-ordinary low chopper activity.


My brother lives in San Franciso. Apparently California is locked down until April 6. Shelter in place.

What does locked down entail? I have a flight to LA on Wednesday that I’m thinking of canceling depending on the severity

Ok it’s bay area