Weak Men and their Creator

Weak Men and their Creator

⤺ reposted by @0x1h0pkG from THE BATMAN crews have started erecting props and set dressing around the streets of Chicago.

Reminder in The Social Dilemma how silicon valley and tech execs dont allow their kids on social media…

Sure glad I grew up before all this. Nothing better than being out in the woods experiencing the smells and the feel of dirt in your hands. Tending to the land and watching your labor pay off with a harvest.

Censoring was overt even for them. It was bound to draw a lot of attention. Makes you wonder how controlled they are, who’s jacks boss and what do they have to gain from this.


That’s why VC’s and the board panicked when he started hanging with celebrities

He was never :-1: into Wokeness until he got a woke gf

In the VC world they make (up and coming start up founders) go on these silent retreats

If you can pass the test (not use electronics)

You get more money :moneybag:

Because it shows you are disciplined

Something changed after he went to one of these retreats

And he did a 180 on all his long term Founders Club friends

Everything that’s said about the PayPal Mafia is true

Everyone is vetted and apolitical

Venture Capital

If you have an up and coming apolitical male founder

Keeps his nose in the grind

Grows his vision

The last thing you want is for him after becoming a billionaire

Is to become Woke

And that’s what happened to Dorsey

Started hanging out in Hollywood

And it’s gone to shit ever since

oo gotcha, they must have some major dirt on him for him to risk legal recourse. The retreat is something you don’t come back from apparently

Nothing about dirt

It’s about mentality

The last gf was Super Woke

Dave chappelle was invited to one of these but said f u then he disappeared for years

The one before that was stable

Look at 2013 Jack before

The Factions have their claws everywhere

But remember

Always Blue :wink:

Always go blue

Dave was smart, he saw what Reds did to Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, how it corrupted Bernie Mac. He knew

He did the right thing

Fuck 55 Million when your soul is at stake

for real

I dunno how you can be so morally bankrupt to choose money over everything

Can you explain more?

So as a VC/Venture Capitalist if I saw one of my rising stars

Get invited to Hollywood parties etc

That were not Elon’s or Ashtons Kutchers (both Blue)

I would be extremely worried

The parties

When wealth no longer matters, the ultra-rich need new techniques to barter with men’s souls.

A few of those techniques are life-extension technologies, ultra-advanced science, the ability to take drugs with no side effects (drug addiction, de-naturing peptide enzymes only for the elite).

And then there’s unlimited child sex with any girl you choose from a catalog. A pedo can pick out any child he likes and they will be taken and never found again. That’s where true child abduction began, and it has evolved into a huge enterprise. This is how Epstein got leverage over his associates.