We will stream it

We will stream it

⤺ reposted by @0x1gucy8 from Good on Ted Cruz. Hopefully Barr makes an example of Netflix

I’m thinking trump’s declassification tweet pissed some people off so they will go on tv saying they can’t release it because investigation is ongoing or something.

yeah im sure it will be a let down

Governor Greg Abbott placed numerous resources on standby Tuesday across the state in anticipation of potentially severe weather caused by Hurricane Delta, which has recently strengthened to a Category 4 Hurricane in the Caribbean.

This storm is anticipated to bring coastal flooding, rough surf, rip currents, and possible flash flooding to communities along the Texas coast through this upcoming weekend.


Earthquakes, past 24 hours.

We will be watching the DOJ announcement live at 11AM Eastern.

How long to go? I’m not in that timezone

About 40 min

Ok cool thanks. Just a random aside, anyone else with an iPhone experiencing weirdness of the calendar app?



Meanwhile in Mexico :point_up:

No calendar icon… just disappeared… strange.

Hurricane Delta slams into Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and heads toward the US Gulf Coast

A meteor fell in Tamaulipas, northern Mexico
Popocatépetl :volcano: volcano shows strong activity
Delta is still on land

Getting water quick just in case it is something big/real brb

Wow, is it happening? The Greenland movie was predictive programming??