We should cover them one day

We should cover them one day

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Lockheed / Boeing and Northrop


The looting of the Baghdad Museum had a lot to do with that. Oh I’m sorry, did I say looting? I meant to say “organized and extremely sophisticated international antiquities heist”.

Notice that McDonalds is also doing drip disclosure on the Jump Rooms/Stargates recently

But the black market antiquities game - lucrative though it may be - was clearly just a cover for something else. Ancient Mesopotamian artifacts are priceless to those of us value their place in history and enormous technological and cultural leaps they represent, in terms of transitioning from nomadic life to organized city states and the emergence of government, organized religion, agriculture and specialized skills and trades. But in the underground art and antiquities black market, they don’t fetch nearly the amount of money that they used to. For that many foreign interests to have helped organize and orchestrate an antiquities heist of that caliber, something very big must have been on the line. Big enough for US troops to drive a tank through the museum and blow a hole in the museum’s secret vault door, then try to blame the entire thing on peasant uprising. Uh huh. Sure. Villagers blew a hole through a steel vault door with what, a slingshot and a really big rock? Was it the same one David used to slay Goliath? :joy:

Hopefully you get recruited into Antiquities by the Air Force

So you can see the borrowed artifacts

Feverishly brushes the rust off of my Sumerian cuneiform reading comprehension

Office 365 outage ongoing after roll back fails

Japan orders military pilots to report UFO sightings

Lulz :joy: these bullshitters

NASA Doubles Down On Nuclear Fusion Ambitions

But recap

  1. The name of the Legacy Space Force is AFSAB / Air Force Scientific Advisory Board

  2. Mining :pick: on the Moon :full_moon_with_face: has been happening for decades

  3. Carl Sagan has both SAP / uSAP clearances but resigned after protesting and being political after marrying his Second Wife.

  4. Lunar bases are real

NASA and their bullshit Nuclear Ambitions what a joke.

Remember the Legacy Space Force aka AFSAB (Air Force Scientific Advisory Board) has done Nuclear Fusion since the 50s on the Moon.

And they have a Stargate to on both ends.

Worried about more shortages, grocery stores are stockpiling goods

(Hopefully it won’t get shot down for turning around and looking at the Dark Side)

New Radio Telescope Is Going to Fly to the Far Side of the Moon to Listen to the Signals From the Early Universe

Thick clouds scrub SpaceX launch of 12th operational Starlink mission [Updated]

The Air Forces robot pilot returns to the skies


Spangdahlem Airmen integrate in joint multinational exercise Astral Knight

The Air Force is doing live-fire testing with its new helicopter, the Jolly Green II - Business Insider

shit is serious

Same kind of obviously fake denial seen when MtGox was collapsing

total circus

Goodnight All

This makes no sense


Sister-in-law from Fujian went out to buy vegetables, but when she came back, her house was demolished. The police completely ignored the victim and instead reprimanded the victim. Now the CCP is forcibly demolishing! they don’t care about the people at all! :scream::scream:

She goes out to market by the time she comes back her house is demolished

Not fire or explosions or Heavy Machinery (Bulldozers)

That means one :point_up:t2: thing

CCP Propaganda


One of the main forces to liberate Taiwan, the Chinese Rangers of the 82nd Air Assault Division of the PLA

Одна из главных сил по освобождению Тайваня - китайские рейнджеры 82-й десантно-штурмовой дивизии НОАК.

AFRL’s Big Ambitions For Lunar Patrol Satellites

In Denver, due to the lack of spectators during the pandemic, the team of the football club Broncos put all the residents of South Park on the fans’ stands

В Денвере из-за отсутствия зрителей при пандемии команда футбольного клуба Бронкос посадила на фанатские трибуны всех жителей «Южного Парка»

Mattress shortages

Normie in denial


The Last Journey
Jakub Schikaneder:

Date: c.1880; Prague, Czech Republic

:arrow_up: Painted during the days of Cholera

Food shortages in China might push Xi Jinping to take drastic actions against Taiwan and elsewhere - The Economic Times


A wave of polar cold arrives in Spain starting tomorrow

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Baghdad battery?

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