“We’re just flaring a tremendous amount of gas,”

“We’re just flaring a tremendous amount of gas,”

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:airplane: #Air_crashes
September 19
:us: «Old Glory» TB-25N Mitchell Bomber Crash Landing in California (s/n 44-28938, r/n N7946C)
A restored WWII-era B-25 Mitchell Bomber crash landed in a field near Stockton, California. Three people were in the aircraft during the crash. Two were hospitalized with minor injuries, one walked away.
The cause of the crash is under investigation

:airplane: #Air_crashes
19 сентября
:us: Бомбардировщик времен Второй Мировой Войны «Old Glory» TB-25N Mitchell (с/н 44-28938, р/н N7946C) совершил аварийную посадку в поле, недалеко от города Стоктон в штате Калифорния.
Во время крушения в самолете находились три человека. Двое госпитализированы с легкими травмами.
Причина крушения выясняется

Irreplaceable. Sad.

that’s not the concerning part

The concerning part that a World War 2 era plane

which is analog


meaning both modernized, military and commercial airlines

as well as Old School analog planes

Ww2 plans went down all the time in Bermuda triangle for instance. Same gyros that show them up from down would have been showing false readings. Be interesting to see cause of crash

I for one doubt it’s human error

but it would be interesting to see the insurance policy on Restored planes

to see if it’s like Classic Car Insurance

in which only a seasoned driver can obtain

Classic Car Insurance

so I’m curious how many hours the pilot has, for I know such a policy would require him/her to have a be a veteran pilot.

Briefly about situation in the world Lol

so I rule out human error. being the cause of it

And qualified on that b25 too

nice way of showcasing @Insider20 Direct Energy Weapons

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only pilots flying B25/DC-3 are Cargo pilots in Alaska and Northeren Canada

so this Pilot was extermely seasoned

if he is in the sates flying

a B-25 in California

I place the blame not on the kids

but perhaps

and seems to me that the Kids are going after Fighter Jets

but only toying with commercial

still very odd

thank you @Insider20

FinCEN Files Show Criminals Moved Billions as Banks Watched

Anything on the radar about this asteroid supposed to buzz by today

NASA and FEMA prepare for Sept 20 Asteroid impact in California, off coast: Documents reveal

:ukraine::uk: More than 100 servicemen of the 16th Airborne Assault Brigade of the British Armed Forces within framework of the first stage of the United Efforts 2020 landed from C-130 aircraft in the Nikolaev region of Ukraine.
Exercises are a signal to Russia and are designed to provide support to Kiev amid the war in Donbas and difficult situation in Belarus
Military transport aircraft C-130 of the Royal Air Force, Il-76MD and An-26 of the Air Force of Ukraine were involved in landing
#Ukraine #UK

:ukraine::uk: Более 100 военнослужащих 16-й десантно-штурмовой бригады ВС Великобритании в рамках первого этапа учений Объединенные усилия-2020 совершили высадку с борта самолётов С-130 в Николаевской области Украины.
Учения являются сигналом России и призваны оказать поддержку Киеву в условиях войны на Донбассе и сложной ситуации в Беларуси.
В десантировании были задействованы военно-транспортные самолёты C-130 Королевских ВВС Великобритании, Ил-76МД и Ан-26 Воздушных сил Украины
#Украина #Великобритания





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