We loved them @Adjustcertify

We loved them @Adjustcertify

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Yes The Highline

People prone to depression like myself please go for a walk until we are quarantined, walk away from people but get sun. It’s super important to your mental health.

Very true.

Get a sun lamp

Before Quarantine starts

If it does

Getting vitamine d supplements also helps

Despite the positive test for COVID-19 from a passenger who had disembarked days earlier, thousands of people were allowed to leave a cruise ship in Miami on Sunday without undergoing medical screening.

In the case of the Miami ship, MSC Meraviglia, no one on board was tested for COVID-19 and 3,877 passengers disembarked freely at PortMiami on Sunday. Many went directly to Miami International Airport for flights home.


My local 24 hr open WALMART in Texas today changed their hours of operation from 6am -11pm.due to good shortages.


My friend just went to Walmart in Lubbock Texas to try to get some items it was closed he said to the guy outside Walmart doesn’t close the guy said “it does when there’s disease in the air“

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oh my

Miami is going to be an up and coming covid hotspot. Friend of mine was all over ig people on the beach, museum open people everywhere