We have recommissioned the F-117

We have recommissioned the F-117

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When was the last time they recommissioned something that had been decomissioned for a dozen years?? :astonished:

War with China or Aliens lol

:cn: :crossed_swords: :alien:


China. They’re not leaving anything for the aliens to do, lol

they are more efficient than aliens haha!

And more formulaic. No going off script. How do we know if aliens ever deviate from the plan or not? They just do what they do, perform a little memory wipey wipe, and make everyone think you cray. :laughing:

yeah bro

Always knew the Replicators from the Stargate series were the next step in chinese evolution.

we call it Claytronics not replicators


Every day in July had one or more EAMs. Now checking June.

for them not to do any in 48 hours is concerning

Especially with the F117 news.

Gap found:
20200729 0130
20200701 1726 1749 1818
Between 0130 29 June and 1726 1 July there were no EAMs.

BUT there is a weird message posted in that time period, I’ll forward it here-

Reports of a staged coup by the Pakistan Army overthrowing the Sindh Government. There are war planes over Karachi, Pakistan.

Publication from CCP’s “Global Times”: “PLA’s hypersonic missile to target ‘foreign military intervention’ in reunification-by-force Taiwan operation”

Some more evidence that China plans to invade close U.S. ally Taiwan.

Submarines reported near Bangor Naval Submarine Base in WA.

Rare to see submarines in Hood Canal.

yes very rare but remember @miette057 what’s happening in Canada. Chinese Troops across the border.

Lots of additional activity in the area lately. Fort Lewis as well.