We get the Epoch times news paper here at home they are a very legit news source. I used google translate to translate the information from the Chinese Article also. Daily cremation of about 341...

⤺ reposted by @0x16aJZN from 山东潍坊,早上拍到的大片麻雀,从东南方向飞来的,爸爸说东南方可能有大灾,不知道有没有关系。🙀 Weifang, Shandong, a large sparrow photographed in the morning, flew from the southeast.

This from a ancient PHD and accomplished researcher. "Yes! Avoid ALL airports, airplanes, cruise ships, travelers, downtown restaurants, shopping, etc.,etc.

Most trusted info comes from our CDC
Ctrl. for Disease Control).

This situation could well become a pandemic. If so, there’s likely to be some hysterical news(?) out there. Just concentrate on protecting you and your loved ones.

This is an infectious diseas. AVOID IT!

Wait we are supposed to avoid all this now? Or when?

Is there a scenario where we think this was an American bio attack on China

No. It would be like dropping a nuclear weapon on another country that has nukes and hoping no one notices where that nuke came from. It would be stupid beyond belief.

That’s what I thought but there are lots of people theorizing

Guo seems to be a Chinese billionaire

#中共國 全村买菜实行统一采购:flushed:这下好了大家都过上了一样的生活:joy::joy:封村了!# 中共 国 All villages carry out unified procurement of vegetables. This time, everyone is living the same life. Fengfeng Village!

#越南制药公司发口罩 2月8日,越南制药公司TANAPHAR向河内当地居民免费发放口罩,以提升民众的防范意识、缓解民众对 #新型冠状病毒 爆发的担忧。该制药公司称,将在未来几周继续向居民分发口罩。#Vietnam Pharmaceutical Company issued masks On February 8, Vietnamese pharmaceutical company TANAPHAR issued free masks to local residents in Hanoi to raise public awareness and alleviate public concerns about #new coronavirus outbreaks. The pharmaceutical company said it will continue to distribute masks to residents in the coming weeks.

…Nice work.

#中共國 四川某地乡政府科员趁着疫情严重,到农户鱼塘偷鱼,不料被农户抓到,只好谎称先货后款 # 中共 国 A local government member of a certain township in Sichuan, taking advantage of the severe epidemic situation, stole fish from the farmer ’s fish pond and was caught by the farmer.

Thank you Aries for all the work you’re done today!

You guys are welcome

某地高铁东站,所有人員都不讓出站,原路返回!那麼高鐵繼續運營的意義在哪裡?At a certain high-speed railway east station, all personnel will not let out of the station and return to the same way! So what’s the point of continuing high-speed rail operations?


对比了 重庆 长沙 武汉等的数据,武汉的二氧化硫区域非常集中 高出其他类似城市200%

武汉东北部有3个山脉 所以二氧化硫不好跑,数据很准。:scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat: SO2 is generally the product of diesel combustion, and the domestic cremation fuel is diesel. 37-40 degrees Fahrenheit today.

Comparing data from Chongqing, Changsha and Wuhan, the sulfur dioxide area in Wuhan is very concentrated, 200% higher than in other similar cities

There are 3 mountains in the northeast of Wuhan, so sulfur dioxide is not easy to run, and the data is accurate. :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:

武汉上方的二氧化硫浓度,其次是疫情同样严重的荆州!!!:scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat: The concentration of sulfur dioxide above Wuhan is followed by Jingzhou, where the epidemic is equally serious! !! !! :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat: