We freely release all sources as "CORONA-unMaskeD Part 2", the story and ongoing investigation of the largest pandemic in 100 years.

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CORONA-unMaskeD Part 2

We freely release all sources as “CORONA-unMaskeD Part 2”, the story and ongoing investigation of the largest pandemic in 100 years. As staggering under-reported death tolls and political tensions rise, USA opens 15 quarantine centers on Air Force bases around the country. Mainstream papers such as The Guardian admit COVID-19 could infect up to 60% of the population, killing tens of millions. Scientists in China and HK suspect the virus could have originated as a bio-weapon, leaked either accidentally or on purpose. The World Health Organization is accused of corruption and of deceiving public health officials.

Date of Production: 2020-02-19
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Dear Aries, we all don’t really want to believe the tragic story that is ahead of us, we both had never seen each other, but it’s like we had been all together for years, all of us, we have stories of our own, but also one things in common, you the group at least have it, you are all very kind humans, so please maintain and take Care of yourself and your beloved ones, it’s a very strange feeling in me that says,. The ones who will remain alive, must start from scratch, but in loving kindness this time, so let’s make covid-19, not an ending, but a new start and see it as an opportunity to spare lives, real kind and happy lives, so be it!

Words to think upon :arrow_up::thinking::face_with_monocle:


Those who don’t believe can watch peak prosperity videos.
They use only documented official videos and every subjective opinion is pointed well out.
The numbers used are from the WHO, worldofmeters and official sources so noone can claim it’s conspiracy theorist.
Ofc the authors don’t necessarily believe the numbers, but it’s all broken down for everyone to understand

Sorry - Aries did ur friend anwer about that water ozonator, just asking.:blush:


He’s busy with projects

Yea nou problemo.

I’ll ask tomorrow

I play this worldwide gps game (similiar to and made by the authors of Pokémon Go) and we’ve been looking for what I called earlier a “corona panic chat” for us that actually believes this will have a huge impact on our lives.
Would it be ok if I invited my fellow “panickers”? :smile:

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Thanks mano🙏

I have a question. For those who saved the cord blood :drop_of_blood: / stem cells would that be helpful to save a life? Anyone a scientist/doc here?

If you have a way to save your stem cells then it would be like having a restore point saved in Windows.
It doesn’t always work, but always recommended

I have them saved

$10,000 later :sweat_smile:

I’ve heard somewhere else. You can probably Google it.

It’s recommended to save your childrens baby teeth because they can be used in the future if your kid get some decease.
I don’t remember the full article, but I’m sure it’s easy to find on Google.
“Save teeth stem cell” or something

Not for coronavirus, but can help for genetic disorders ens

No teeth for mine yet but good to know lol

Fun fact! These videos has not been disputed.
Even those videos where they weld the doors to flats haven’t been disputed.
And still people don’t think this is serious.
It’s like “It’s just the Chinese way of doing things”

Wtf :man_shrugging:t3:

Cognitive Dissonance