We ended with 303 Janet's this week

We ended with 303 Janet’s this week
think about that

89 Today


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What do you personally think that means

me I have two possible theory’s
1: Asteroid Impact on ground
2: WAR

Thanks. Well how I see it is like that…how the world runs today it can’t continue like this. So something need to happen. We have no more freedoms. So we can’t go on like this.

What I mean is my son is 2y old. In this what we experience now is not the life i want him to have. I use to be a racecar driver. I want him to experience what we had 30y ago. Not this new normal shit

My family is doing scrap metal all our lives. I have my first car to play in the fields at age 9. Same age my father toke me hunting. Shooting. This is life. Not having a face mask like a total idiot. I want my son to live. … that’s my point… so something huge needs to change

I do not think the facemasks are a problem. Look at pictures from 1918.

They are sorry

They even gave their cats facemasks and it worked

If you prepare for defeat that’s what you get !!!
If you Hope for Survival and build skills necessary for it you will live through this and prosper.

Change is inevitable in any society

the world has been through many calamities
Pompeii was destroyed by a volcano, an entire city gone.
we have had ww1 and ww2 , Chernobyl , etc etc
but the world moved on and grew.

Don’t put your concerns to the past. look at the future as HOPE and Opportunity.
in his lifetime,your son get’s to experience space travel , jetpacks , flying cars , flying uber.

You are so right.

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