We do more than panic

We do more than panic

⤺ reposted by @SkylanderDragon from 4 western Washington schools closed Monday over coronavirus concerns

I’ve been telling people about this for more than a month and I’ve been told I’m a conspiracy theorist.
I live in Norway.
A few days ago we had 1 case. Now we have 19

You are not a conspiracy theorist

Just awakening

Be glad you are ahead of the curve

They are forcing children to drink TCM grass soup now. Which triggered huge backlash during the past two days.

A friend in Japan asked me to spread around his experience on how Japan are doing and people just thought I was spreading conspiracy stuff.
I know this person and has met him and I have no reason to think he is lying.
Another friend of mine who also knows some Japanese people asked his friends and confirmed the story so at least I’m not alone.
This will certainly be interesting :smile:

what is tcm grass soup

⤻ reposted @drunkenwhiskers to They are forcing children to drink TCM grass soup now. Which triggered huge backlash during the past two days.

This group is not like other groups. We cover coronavirus news from around the world and have the largest library of coronavirus videos in the world

As well as 2 documentaries

Better to be prepared than regret later

Yeah, well. I’m not as prepared as I should.
I believe we’ll do ok with food and stuff, but we haven’t had this situation since… I don’t know… WWII or something so who knows what will happen.
Our shops are very much stocked and there’s no panic yet, but I expect it’s only days away.
People are cancelling flights, cruises and gatherings.
And I get to say “I told you so”

How is this coronavirus related

Get prepared and try to help as many friends n family as you can👍

I try to help especially those in the high risk

Does anyone in here follow the peak prosperity YT?

Omg it’s 19 already?

Good thinking. Older people with preexisting conditions are the most vulnerable.

Yesterday it was 19. More is expected

US and UK data inbound are going to be a lot bigger really fast now

Apparently a doctor in an eye clinic came back from Italy. He felt a bit sick and still went to work.
He asked if he needed to be tested and got told no.

After a few days he insisted on getting tested and turned out positive.
In that time he had infected at least 4 other colleagues. 150-160 more doctors has been put into quarantine awaiting test results. Who knows how many patients.

UK and USA will be real exciting.
I heard the UK are prepared for 28 critical cases. Anything beyond that is no mans land according to peak prosperity videos. I didn’t double check the links in the video tho

Yeah seeing this across Europe. Many doctors in smaller cities have no idea what to do so they send you home with anti-biotics! No idea for a virus. My own mother in law had such an experience. Still monitoring her…