We are in the clear

We are in the clear

⤺ reposted by @0x1oknbY from 3d printing is awesome but it goes father when you use your printer in some form of hybrid manufacturing to create a mold that can be reused multiple times.

It should have been world news, instead only a few in the know are aware of what is going on. Twitter used as a News platform is a great way to measure reach. Less than 1k likes in a 7 billions population.


Think about that

No one has been reporting honestly. And if they do, the other platforms censor them, as we saw last night. That’s why we have to stay on it.

The fact that Twitter went out for so many shows they were actively trying to stop the spread of Actionable Intelligence. Most people have no clue what’s up, then they shut ways to get information out to the few who are paying attention.

By the time it hits MSM, it’s too late.

Does anyone still have the link to the tweet of the guy asking for a direct answer re: the Covid (or whatever) detention centers being built in Ontario?

Also, happy we are in the clear :ok_hand:

Whew :sweat_smile: