:) we are getting closer to Open Eyes,

:slight_smile: we are getting closer to Open Eyes,

10 years ago this would of never happened.

20 years ago they would be severely reprimanded

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This makes me happy. :slight_smile:

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is this?

They came out and actually called them “visiting wizards” in public.

Im sorry but I’m still not following. Who are these wizards?

Wizard: Group of elite OSS, OPS, SPEOP working under the USAP in matters of science and technology including but not limited to physicists, statisticians, strategists, mathematicians, computer scientists, chemists, oceanographers, geologists, atmospheric scientists, materials scientists, aeronautical engineers, electrical engineers, physiologists, biologists and biochemists.

Go back through the channel and look at each instance of #WIZARDOFTHEDAY or #GoldWOTD.

Will do, thank you

So, im assuming that this meeting could be the foretold releasing of tech thats beyond our wildest dreams?

The start of the Right hand path?

Maybe baby :baby:t2:

Excited but also not excited

Start doing the homework

Was doing some research about the “golden age” thats to come after all this

I am weary of it

The Saint Germain Deception and all

You have 80 years to catch up on

Go back through the channel and look at each instance of #WIZARDOFTHEDAY or #GoldWOTD.

I know, im woefully behind on my reading

It’s been more like a slow drip over time. That’s for your benefit. You don’t want to learn it all at once.

The process has been painful, but worth it

Every day there are new things to learn

Par for the course. Keep taking it in. :slight_smile:

Always, and i do appreciate your helpful candor

No problem at all. Check out the #Recap from yesterday. We went over Solomon syndrome and why you need to pace yourself. It’s important.