WATCH: U.S. Department of Justice officials hold a news conference

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Distractions distractions

Get ready for next wave of protests and civil unrest

@AriesAzazel check Dm

I’m looking to get some chest plates and what’s the difference between steel, ceramic and aramid

I was thinking aramid for the chest and ceramic for the back

It wasn’t The Beatles, aborted last minute.

Chauvin released from prison this morning. Expect widespread social unrest now.

The Beatles

Is it a joke


Social Unrest was, is and will be the biggest threat.

Expect a hell of a weekend

Leave the cities

They are lost at this point

lots of Area 51 activity overnight

Oh hell. :tired_face:

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I think it might be a good weekend to visit friends in a more remote part of the state. :weary:

Now you may connect the dots why we had recon teams assessing the cities. Retail and food service industries won’t recover the new wave of protests.

How conveniently happened 27 days before elections

And we saw a fence going up preemptively around a state capital building…hmm…seems forewarned

All most like they know when and where riots will happen

Go look at Twitter, Riot Planning has already started

It should be alright for me living pretty rural

Historically wars destroyed economies and that is how countries are forced to parley.

Modern times, same effect without sacrificing soldiers. New Gen Warfare involves bio/chemical weapons and/or society manipulation.

Make sure your loved ones have supplies and avoid venture out of your home.

Use today to resupply before sunset.

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