Was waiting for one of you to notice

Antártida @Elreydesnudo🤴

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Was waiting for one of you to notice

Pyramids of Antarctica :antarctica:

Пирамиды Антарктиды :antarctica:


Pirámides de la Antártida :antarctica:

it would not surprise me one bit if thats real…they are extremely good at hiding the 2 poles…and no one questions them…hmm

It is real

zero civillians…all mitatary

Remember that glitch last week

i bet it is

Not true

what glitch sorry

ahh ok

Any of you if you applied yourselves could go see it

remind me…there are many haha!

It’s true they are lying to you about Antarctica. So much of the surface has melted, it looks nothing like the image that they present to you.

i bet

Pyramids in the South Pole.

What if Antarctica is Atlantis? Would you start questioning everything? How long have you been waiting to be initiated

an old work colluge went there…i should track him down one day…ask questions on it


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Here’s the original video without CGI pyramids. Pretty cool US paratrooper training, but why in Antarctica?

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