Walking pneumonia is bacterial.

⤺ reposted by @perrichase from On the 13th, some netizens broke the news: Chen Beiyang, a retired deputy director of the Judicial Department of Hubei Province, had a family of three infected with the new crown virus pneumonia.

Walking pneumonia is bacterial.

This is interesting the way they are reporting this

What do you have in the pantry???





Zhuzhou, Hunan, entered the community to take temperature measurements, no entry is not allowed. The situation is grim and the future is unpredictable. I have three bottles of oil, 18 pounds of noodles, and five bottles of catfish and tofu in my house. 5 packets of salt, 100 kg of rice. I plan to buy another 50 kg of rice tomorrow, and plan to eat until the end of the year.
Not enough, absolutely not enough. My friend’s location is not close to Hubei, he hoards more than you. 150 kilograms of rice per person, in addition to soy, soy protein can replace meat and egg milk (these will be difficult to buy later), can be sprouts at home, soy milk. There are also a lot of flour and noodles. Compressed biscuits 40 kg, can be stored for a long time, eat it when you come over when power is cut off. Emergency lights, chocolates, bottled water, to prevent unexpected situations anyway! Hurry up!

The oil is not enough. In the future, there is no meat to eat, and a lot of oil will be used! Prevent two kinds of disasters. One is that you can’t buy things when you have money, and the other is that you go out to buy things and run into viruses.

In case of a door, it is necessary to guard against fire and prepare for the escape rope. If you do not have it on hand, you will tear a few sheets and make one yourself.

Prepare emergency kit! Built-in: important documents, money, all masks, disposable masks, medicines, compressed biscuits, chocolate, water, charging treasure … just in case of fire, take it away. Taobao stores, find stores near your home, and some still ship, buy at least a set of high-quality raincoats for the family, as protective clothing, disposable gloves and shower caps. :pleading_face: