Wait....that looks like the same guy

⤺ reposted by @MartinMakerInDisguise from +1. But I didn't see enough context to quantify if the male was being threatened or just stopping a burglar/vandal

Wait…that looks like the same guy

Ugh. What do you think the resulting court battle will look like?


Black Hats and White Hats really fucked themselves

using the masses on this one

to many are selfaware

we are not in the 80s or 90s anymore

Did you just open your third eye? /s

(Going for humor)

Some of us are red hats we count also !!!

GASLIGHTING: the shooter was a libertarian who said he was in support of the BLM movement

Also said he supported their right to protest and target government property

#Kenosha Sh00ter Caught On Video.

“I SHOT SOMEBODY!!!” then running away

What do you do after that? call 911 and not run?

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