Wait reall? 84,000 deaths?? Where is this info coming from?

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Wait reall? 84,000 deaths?? Where is this info coming from?

From Aries.

Waiting details too

Why I’ll never go on a cruise as well . And we can add Italy I suppose to the list. I read India and Philippines have first cases too


I hope it doesnt hit where im going next because the health care isnt good at all there

Heading to Myanmar in a few days


Be careful.

Trying my best but still need to find food and stuff



U cant test are ur pet infected?

The crows of the sky! Another netizen photographed Wuhan. :scream::scream::scream: / 异象?漫天的乌鸦!又一位网友拍摄到,武汉。:scream::scream:

Guess that new Hospital :hospital: won’t be built on time


Those pet pictures drives me crazy…

A crematorium in Wuhan, shot on the Internet, the truth is not known, judge it yourself! / 网传拍摄的武汉一个火葬场,真假不明,自行判断!


U can travel in one train from Helsinki to China, maybe u have to change train in Pietari im not sure…but anyway, ggood…

Thoughts and Prayers lol

Bullshit lying numbers

I remember a movie about that journey, think it was called the Transsiberian express

U.S. Government Might Suspend Flights Between China and the U.S.

As the CDC is cautioning all U.S. travelers to avoid traveling to China entirely, the U.S. government gave a heads-up to airlines that cater flights to and from China that their flights may be suspended in order to control the spread of WARS in the country.

Airlines are receiving lots of cancellations of flight bookings to China. The demand for travel to China, including Hong Kong, has plummeted.

Other countries are expected to follow suit by taking the similar measures in the next two weeks.

Source: CNBC #Jan28

More than 5 million people had left Wuhan, China because of Lunar New Year

With the outbreak of Wuhan novel coronavirus for almost a-month time, the epidemic in Wuhan was still beyond control. In the “Hubei novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control work press conference” held on 26 Jan, Zhou Xianwang, Wuhan mayor, said more than 5 million people had left Wuhan because of Lunar New Year and influence of the epidemic , while 9 million of the population remained in the city. Zhou also said that currently there were 2,209 suspected cases which were receiving treatments in the hospitals, and 643 outpatients had fever and were monitored. Zhou estimated the number of people who required medical treatments and monitoring could increase by another 1,000 cases in the future.

As of early morning of Jan 26, Wuhan has accumulated 618 infections. Among which, 45 people died, 87 people are in serious condition, 53 people are in critical condition and only 40 of them are discharged. All patients are isolated at designated hospitals for treatments.

Zhou says the authorities have requisitioned 24 hospitals and 10,000 beds to provide treatments to patients with fever, and is extending the requisition. Meanwhile, the government is also building “Huoshenshan Hospital” and “Leishenshan Hospital” which could provide 700 to 1,000 beds and 1,300 beds respectively.

Wang Xiaodong, Governor of Hubei Province, says the epidemic has made the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the whole country heart-wrenching, and he feels extremely distressed, guilty and self-condemned for that.

In early morning on 23 Jan, the Wuhan authorities announced that, all city transports, including buses and underground railways, would be suspended starting from 10 in the morning, and airport and train stations would also be closed until further notice. The authorities had asked the citizens not to leave Wuhan unless they had special reasons. Immediately after the notice was released, a flock of citizens tried to leave Wuhan and fled for other cities and countries.

Source: Stand News #Jan26


I can’t believe they haven’t suspended flights already

More bullshit figures

Norks are smart for keeping their country closed off. Very small windows of infection

A cruise ship with 7,000 people on board is being held off the Italian coast after a Chinese woman fell ill with a suspected case of #coronavirus. The Costa Smeralda vessel is currently being held in port at Civitavecchia, 35 miles north of Rome, after a 54-year-old woman from Macau came down with a fever. She and her husband, who is not thought to have symptoms, were immediately placed in solitary confinement while a team of three doctors and a nurse went on board and tested them both for the virus. There are thought to be 6,000 passengers on board and 1,000 crew. The couple are thought to have flown from Hong Kong to Milan, joined the cruise at Savona the same day, and then visited several locations around the Mediterranean before being quarantined at Civitavecchia.The killer coronavirus rapidly sweeping the world has now infected every region of China and 20 other countries. The death toll is 170 and cases have soared past 7,900 :biohazard:

Chinese don’t buy that it’s 170

I don’t either

现在武汉各大医院都在网上寻求民间捐赠的物质,疫情严重,而很多地方几乎位于无政府状态,民间自救靠举举报,追踪,封门,现在还出现了杀人。此时中共还想继续隐瞒隐藏疫情,不断 封群封号抓人。如果国民还看不清这个邪恶的魔鬼组织,那真是没得救了。

黄冈下辖的黄梅县,有人强出管制路口,被警察打死一个。警察杀人了,不知真假,有警车,死者没口罩。:rage::rage::rage::rage: At present, all major hospitals in Wuhan are seeking materials donated by the people online. The epidemic is serious, and many places are almost anarchic. The people save themselves by reporting, tracking, closing doors, and killings are still occurring. At this time, the CCP also wanted to continue to conceal the hidden epidemic situation and keep blocking names to arrest people. If the nation still can’t see this evil devil organization, it is really unsaved. In Huangmei County under the jurisdiction of Huanggang, someone forced out of the intersection and was killed by police. The police killed the man, I do n’t know if it was true or not, there was a police car, and the deceased had no mask. :rage::rage::rage::rage:


捐了,但你们注定收不到,投机吃拿卡已高价转手卖了,就像炒房搞传销那样。 Doctors at Yuyao Hospital without protective clothing had to wear raincoats to fight.

They sent urgent help to the community online.
“I’m desperate. I hope that the donation will be sent directly to the hospital, not through the black hands of the Red Cross!”
I donated it, but you are not destined to receive it. Speculative cards have been sold at a high price, just like real estate MLM.

A man brings and leaves 500 masks at the police station. A little humanity in a cart.

China :cn: Strong :muscle: