Wait...if the Country goes into a full out state of emergency then the US CAN CANCEL ELECTIONS

Shanghai @maliezhuyi or Hong Kong?

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Wait…if the Country goes into a full out state of emergency then the US CAN CANCEL ELECTIONS

My dad did say trump wasn’t going to leave office :joy::joy::joy:

Couldn’t have predicted this would be why



This condition applies when there is an increased general threat of possible terrorist activity against personnel and facilities, the nature and extent of which are unpredictable, and circumstances do not justify full implementation of FPCON BRAVO measures. However, it may be necessary to implement certain measures from higher FPCONs resulting from intelligence received or as a deterrent. The measures in this FPCON must be capable of being maintained indefinitely. b.

:earth_africa: 大多数西方国家都在其领土上分布冠状病毒。 在这种背景下,可以清楚地看到,香港和新加坡设法减缓了SARS-CoV-2感染的传播。

:earth_africa: Most Western countries are on the same path of coronavirus distribution in their territories. Against this background, it can be clearly seen that Hong Kong and Singapore managed to slow down the spread of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

:earth_africa: Большинство западных стран находятся на одном и том же пути распространения коронавируса на своих территориях. На этом фоне хорошо видно, что Гонконгу и Сингапуру удалось замедлить распространение инфекции SARS-CoV-2.

丹麦的冠状病毒感染率增加了一倍。 白天,共诊断出252例新感染,总共516例患者接受了COVID-19。为了防止感染在该国进一步蔓延,当局从星期五起关闭了所有教育机构,并向公务员提供了非关键性的工作。

Уровень коронавирусной инфекции в Дании удвоился. В течение дня было диагностировано 252 новых инфекции, в результате всего 516 пациентов получили COVID-19. Чтобы предотвратить дальнейшее распространение инфекции в стране, с пятницы власти закрыли все учебные заведения и предоставили некритическую работу государственным служащим.

Denmark’s coronavirus infection rate doubled. During the day, 252 new infections were diagnosed, resulting in a total of 516 patients receiving COVID-19. To prevent the further spread of infection in the country, from Friday the authorities closed all educational institutions and provided non-critical work to public servants.

:it: 尤文图斯后卫Daniele Rugani感染了冠状病毒。

:it: Juventus defender Daniale Rugani infected with Corona virus.

:it: Защитник «Ювентуса» Даниэле Ругани заразился коронавирусом.


:us: Индекс Dow упал на 20% с максимума закрытия в феврале и вошел в зону медвежьего рынка.

:us: The Dow falls 20% from a February closing high and into bear market territory.

And if you have Spanish Flu in steroids scorching the earth that would be advisable. Mass movement of ppl to voting machines would just infect more ppl.

  • on steroids

Apparently he may not be! Oyi

This study has been “official retracted” without reason

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0 inbound flights in France

Just got my test results… Negative :wink:

Currently there are 0 flights coming into the county of France. I’m not sure if it’s related to Corona but I can only imagine it is. The one flight that looks like it’s headed to Paris is set to depart in London. Once all the outbound flights clear out there may not be a single plane in the skies above France.



10 minutes to go

Our prime minister announced similar for 7pm our time

What was announced?

Aries I’ll just post the reddit link true