Vitamin c helps with overall immunity, but it takes a strong immune system regardless.

Vitamin c helps with overall immunity, but it takes a strong immune system regardless. Viruses are very complex which is why there is no sure currently. The most dangerous part is that the virus causes pneumonia which is a bacterial infection, loss of liquids due to fever and GI problems. The greatest risk is organ failure, a lot of the cases being liver failure. The liver is a magnificent thing that filters hormones and alcohol. Things that support overall health and immunity will be good but not a cure. Also the world has become overly reliant on antibiotics which terrorize the bodies immune system.

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I know, im a medic

Here the translation Aries According to the South China Morning Post, Wuhan hospital denied that Wenliang died. “He is currently in critical condition and we are doing our best to revive him,” read the hospital’s official Weibo account.

That’s his memorial poster

So why alla around the world except in China are they telling that on weibo account they denied the death? Can anybody check the weibo account of south China morning post and the Wuhan hospital please?! Thanks

Simona my Chinese editors and partners have confirmed it

We posted about it in real time as it happened

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I saw from your news and official new earlier that he past a way… for this I asked you why all around the world and also the south China morning post denied everything… I really can’t understand

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An infected family retaliates against society! It’s so hateful, pay attention to the elevator. :rage::rage::thinking:
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:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: more bio terrorism


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A woman slashes with a knife, a woman violently resists epidemic isolation
On February 5, a woman refused to quarantine without cooperating with epidemic prevention and violently resisted

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A lot can change

Remember everyone is playing along

All going by the fictitious numbers




Even EU

Things r changing so fast

Suddenly appearing on the

FEMA website

Things are not as they seem




If the good doctor that just passed away. Discovered it on the 8th could it mean that he caught it before or around that time

Then the incubation period was 60 days

I’m stupid… :sweat: I share the wrong link

黑龙江省桦南 村民坐家吃喝不愁,拿出手机“遥控”点菜!还能送上门
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Villagers in Huanan, Heilongjiang Province, worry about eating and drinking at home, take out the mobile phone “remote control” to order! Can also be delivered to your door
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The incubation period is

◦ the period between exposure to an infection and the appearance of the first symptoms.

So it doesn’t change in this case. When a infected died, depend not from the incubation period but from the time that the virus need to kill your body…

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Today Hangzhou people buy food like this. .
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LOOKS butchered fresh problem not how the virus stared relevance other than now utter contamination because of the evil perpatrated upon them and all uf us

#中共國 已经解除了14天隔离的武汉籍游客,武汉回不去

市政府 公安 街道都给了证明和说法可以正常入住

无店可住 # 中共 国 Wuhan tourists who have been quarantined for 14 days have been lifted, and Wuhan cannot return
Hotel does not give room

City government public security streets have given proof and claims that they can move in normally
But the hotel just does n’t continue
I won’t let my luggage in the hotel room

Days Hotel
It looks like it can’t be resolved for a while
Wuhan people homeless
No store available

觀點 :warning:這不是開車,這是赤裸裸的諷刺:warning:瘟疫來了,可以不穿衣服上街。但是,不能不戴口罩:mask: Viewpoint :warning: This is not driving, this is naked irony :warning: The plague is coming, you can go to the street without clothes. However, you must wear a mask.

As long as she has a mask on. She’s good. :laughing::+1:t4: