Videos show Iranians LICKING holy shrines despite coronavirus outbreak

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Wait. Explain Ares.

T-virus cosplay

There sharing it around

Resident Evil

发现可爱的数字! 在#冠状病毒爆发后,许多公民穿着充气娃娃的衣服代替防护服来保护他们。 街上看到一个宇航员,一只可爱的熊,甚至一棵圣诞树。 这部分地减轻了张力。

Cute figures found! After the # coronavirus outbreak, many citizens wear clothes of inflatable dolls instead of protective clothing to protect them. An astronaut, a cute bear and even a Christmas tree are being seen on the street. This partially relaxes the tension.


I live in Manatee County …

CDC is sleeping ^^^

It’s official

اگه سهم آمریکا در بودجه سازمان بهداشت جهانی رو در نظر بگیریم میشه گفت ازین ۵۲ هزار کیت، پول ۲۰ هزار کیتش رو آمریکا داده.

If we consider the US contribution to the World Health Organization’s budget, we can say that out of the 5,000 kits, the money was given to the 2,000 kits.

I’ve seen this movie :popcorn: it’s called “I Am Legend”

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What is that???

Someone dressed up as a Resident Evil character for a cosplay convention he is carrying the T-virus. They are sharing this in the Chinese channel

I live in North Glendale too. I actually ordered mine on line about a month ago.

ARIES, could you please post your paypal address. I would like to send you a sincere thankyou. Thank you for your tireless effort in the current pandemic!

ARIES. You ought to "pin"it

Do you think this is a good idea? Can we wash those costume every time we come get home?

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