Video: ISIS Destroys Biblical Artifacts in Iraq

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compare this video, to the statues being removed in the West

One side blindly trusts all authorities, who claim to be backed by science.
Other side blindly trusts no authorities, no matter if they claim to be backed by science.

They want to erase history. The older the better.

STRATCOM exercises to begin soon

perk your ears up for lots of SkyMasters

Oh boy :anguished:

Who else is doing the same thing

@hiddeninthegarden once “Global Thunder” starts count how many Janets

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I mean kinda but I meant Antifa n BLM

lol, yes. Them specifically. Ugh.

But they are backed by Red so both answers are correct

historical revisionism is a big thing in Antifa and BLM. It reminds me of the 1984 slogans: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. These groups believe all things begin to resemble their opposites and truth becomes fiction. Important to keep our mental faculties thus we forget or lose focus.

Earthquake off Alaska

Tsunami warnings

Conflict Observer:

— "MASSIVE magnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes Sand Point, Alaska — tsunami warning issued for Alaskan coast.

People in coastal regions asked to “keep calm and quickly move to higher ground away from the coast” — as incredibly powerful 7.4M earthquake strikes near Sand Point, Alaska"

Get em!!!

Getting the heck out of there I imagine.

Keep them ahead of the curve

Christ how much was detonated

Has anyone created a map of the expected impact zones yet?