Vermont Health Department monitoring 9 for coronavirus

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No current cases

I think the problem with casing is that like they said they don’t test is you haven’t been to Wuhan or were in contact with someone who was in China

“The Vermont Department of Health is now checking travelers returning from China but says the risk of coronavirus here is low. There are currently no cases of coronavirus suspected or confirmed in Vermont.”

Let’s not get hysterical until we need to be

You believe the news :laughing:. You must assume it is already there if they are reporting about it. Shit is AIRBORNE!

My friend in Vermont said he has the flu and has been in the hospital.

Ok and

Here in the Uk they are trying a self isolation protocol… and it failed. 2 members of Parlament just self isolated. But the NHS has it under control. Yet my GP is closed

Remember they are only testing you for covid-19 if you meet certain criteria

This virus can lay dormant in your body while you spread it to everyone else… Am I the only one that gets this?!

Where can i watch Gtv?

Yea but the problem is unless you work at home and you don’t leave your house for the next month or so your at risk

Anyone is at risk for that matter


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Excatly!!! So it is best to assume you already have it… Hence you better build up your immunity to it.

It definitely puts into question how long it would take if you got sick and couldn’t fight it. Are people sick for weeks or days? I’m sure it depends on immune system but I’m wondering the average

All these videos. You should be fluent in Chinese/Mandarin by now. Pick up the pace. :woman_facepalming:t4:

I’m in NH and pretty much everyone i know in the region has had the flu this season. Fortunately, it is a mild version of the flu with lots of runny nose and very little fever so it is somewhat distinguishable from the common symptoms of Coronavirus.

This reaction really fills me with confidence … we have to realise we live on one planet and the controllers control the world. Big money talks.

You can not take any chances. Aris posted an article saying it mimics the flu at first then after you feel healed is when the nasty part of the disease tales hold… Not trying to panic people just be more aware.

And the strain mutates. Aris posted a leak saying that the fever part is gone.

Everyone also should take into account of the timeline of everything… When was the first symptoms reported in China? When you have that date you have to go back at least 30 days of spreading it… Then you have the lunar new year im China where hundreds of thousands of people left china to go all over the world spreading it with no symptoms.