Utah Cougar Attack || Full Story Breakdown and Interview!

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Speaking of cats…

With the continued rise in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks has come an increasing need for convalescent plasma donations — which are provided by those who previously have had the virus but have recovered — that are then sent to area hospitals to assist new patients.

In just the past month alone, the demand for the specialized plasma has increased by about 50%, according to Zach Warren, public relations specialist for Versiti, which operates blood collection centers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana.

Demand far outweighs supply. Gun shops across the country are still experiencing an ammunition shortage, and it is no different for some shops in eastern North Carolina. It has been seven months since the pandemic started, and owners say their shelves are still empty.


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Kayhan Space, the Boulder, Colo. and Atlanta-based company launched from Techstars virtual space-focused accelerator, wants nothing more than to be the air traffic control service for satellites in space.
Founded by two childhood friends, Araz Feyzi and Siamak Hesar, who grew up in Iran and immigrated to the U.S. for college, Kayhan is tackling one of the toughest problems that the space industry will confront in the coming years — how to manage the exponentially increasing traffic that will soon crowd outer space.
There are currently around 8,000 satellites in orbit around the earth, but over the next several years, Amazon will launch 3,236 satellites for its Kuiper Network, while SpaceX filed paperwork last year to launch up to 30,000 satellites. That’s… a lot of metal flying around.

And somebody needs to make sure that those satellites don’t crash into each other, because space junk has a whole other set of problems.

I received these images over the weekend from someone attempting to buy ammunition at a well-known large scale outdoor hunting/sporting/fishing emporium. These were taken at a location in Western Washington.

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I received an email from a delivery service we get of frozen foods that said they are delayed due to dry ice shortage this week.

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