USGS Updates Earthquake Swarm Forecast For SoCal Desert Region | Palm Desert, CA Patch

USGS Updates Earthquake Swarm Forecast For SoCal Desert Region | Palm Desert, CA Patch

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According to the USGS, 1 of 3 possible scenarios will occur in California in the next 7 days:

Scenario 1: Continued earthquake swarm on and off the San Andreas and Imperial faultlines between Oct 1-8 no greater than magnitude 5.4. 90% probability of this outcome occurring…

Scenario 2: A magnitude 5.5 - 6.9 earthquake could strike. Likelihood of this outcome = 10%.

Scenario 3: A magnitude 7 or higher quake. Odds of this outcome occurring at any given time - 1 in 3000. Odds of a 7+ occurring in the next 7 days - 1 in 300.

Scenario 4: Subterranean Teams putting in that work :muscle:t4:

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