🇺🇸 US President Donald Trump signs $8.3 billion emergency package to combat coronavirus.

:us: US President Donald Trump signs $8.3 billion emergency package to combat coronavirus.

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Its just a flue he said Before

:iraq: Number of cases in Iraq is now 38.

Schools and universities will remain closed for another week.


:iran: United Against Nuclear Iran with close ties to Trump and Israel, is urging major pharmaceutical companies to “end their Iran business,” DESPITE A MASSIVE coronavirus-related public health crisis.

:lebanon: – Regarding the untraced cases in Lebanon it seems they are connected to the patient that came from Egypt. He infected the nurse and another person in the room.

Regarding the 4 new cases they are:
1- One untraced in Bsalim. He has not traveled, therefore it seems be interacted with someone who came recently form Europe.

2- One who interacted with someone who came from Iran.

3- The two daughters of the women that came from the UK. She is infected and has infected them.

:iran: Iran has blocked major roads to northern provinces over Coronavirus, and is returning all the tourists who insisted on travelling despite the warnings.

:brazil: Brazil announces 8 new cases, raising the total to: 10

:lebanon: The Lebanese government will implement these following procedures:
1- Schools and universities will stay closed till 14/3/2020
2- Daycares will stay closed till 14/3/2020
3- Nightclubs, Cinemas, and sport events will be closed.
4- People will be directed to stay away from crowdy areas.
5- Religious authorities will be contacted to stop crowdy events in mosques and churches.
6- Resend orders and statements to transportation firms and border agencies.
7- Contact the IATA to be informed with the necessary extra precautions.

:lebanon: – The Lebenese model that came from the UK and was infected and then infected her two daughters, threw a birthday party when she came back and invited her neighbors and her daughters’ friend from school.

We are now in a very dangerous situation, the amount of cluster cases now might be huge because of this woman’s neglect.

Any news on canada :canada:?


کدام استان‌ها به علت شیوع کرونا امکان پذیرش مسافر ندارند؟

Which provinces cannot accommodate passengers due to the spread of Corona?

:canada: Canada reports 1 new case of coronavirus in Ontario; the man recently traveled from Egypt.

Note: Egypt officially has zero cases.

:canada: MORE: Canada’s new case was confirmed in Toronto on a woman with travel history to Iran; this is the 5th case in Ontario and the 12th in the country.

:rotating_light::warning: اینو ببینید و بدونید کرونا شوخی نداره و میکشه!!!

بشینید توی خونه هاتون و نکات بهداشتی رو جدی بگیرید.

آهنگ به کیلیپ ربط نداره و اون کسی که فیلم گرفته اهنگ پخش ماشینش هست.

ببینید See this and you will know Corona is not kidding!

Sit in your home and take your health tips seriously.

The song has nothing to do with Philip and the one who filmed it while playing his car.

Do you know if the bodies need to be cremated to stop the spread? Seems like they should be.

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To be honest he don’t look like as always proud egoist etc king od the world (no political here just he has that kind of image) here he is bown down, no his style or its special behave to take this money or he is scared??

:colombia: Colombia reports first case of coronavirus.

:togo: TOGO confirms first case of coronavirus; patient is a 42-year-old woman who visited Benin, Germany, France and Turkey recently, govt says.

Very Concerned

When someone tell you again, that flu kills more than coronavirus or something like this, you can share with him this graphic (and i know that are only "official numbers"that can be very different to the real numbers).

I totally agree. He looks burnt out.

Also other group about Corona tell that this observation has something, I will make post on LinkedIn and will see what people think ( ceos politics army Intel etc) so feedback should be maybe silent but they will also notice it from that moment when they read and open their mind for maybe more truth

Here is post so You can share a your thought there and will check what people think about it :slight_smile: now go goodnight and good day to all :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

:us: SXSW (South by Southwest) has been canceled due to coronavirus.

Yes was about to post it.


:red_circle: اورژانس بیمارستان فوق تخصصی دکتر علی شریعتی، خط مقدم مبارزه با کورونا ویروس در شهر مقدس مشهد

:heavy_check_mark: فوق Emergency room of Dr. Ali Shariati Specialty Hospital, Coronavirus front line in holy city of Mashhad


大約一個世紀前,一種致命的病毒在世界範圍內傳播,被稱為“西班牙流感”。 該病毒已在全球範圍內殺死了數百萬人。 在這張照片中,10月2日,看到美國陸軍學生戴著“流感面具”。 一些專家說,一個世紀前在世界上發生的事情可能是在電暈病毒的陰影下等待著世界的一面鏡子。 美國國家文檔中心照片

Около века назад по всему миру распространился смертельный вирус, известный как «Испанский грипп». Вирус убил миллионы по всему миру. На этом фото 2 октября студенты Корпуса армии США в маске от гриппа. Некоторые эксперты говорят, что то, что произошло столетие назад в мире, может быть зеркалом того, что ожидает мир в тени вируса Короны. Фото Национального центра документации США

About a century ago, a deadly virus known as the Spanish Flu spread around the world. The virus has killed millions around the world. In this photo, October 2, US Army Corps students in a flu mask. Some experts say that what happened a century ago in the world may be a mirror of what the world expects in the shadow of the Corona virus. Photo by US National Documentation Center


:iran: См .: Подготовка полевого госпиталя для противодействия новому распространению коронавируса в Куме.

:iran: See: Preparing a field hospital to counter the new spread of coronavirus in Qom.

Good! What a disgrace

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