US Missile Defense Timeline | Union of Concerned Scientists

US Missile Defense Timeline | Union of Concerned Scientists

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This is an old report, but I came across it when I was looking for information on a missile intercept test I witnessed over the Pacific Ocean in fall of1999 or early 2000. I’m not sure how to interpret all the data, but 6 out of 10 fails of a missile deployment system sounds like “C-, D+” work. I hope we have at least bumped that grade up to an “Asian F”, or A-. No wonder why we needed a Space Force.

Facebook Has Been a Disaster for the World

I’m going to have to opt for a third option here. When we know what we know, the answer is yes. But there are so many other things that I have to weigh independently. I wouldn’t be connected with you and D and other important people in my life - including my significant other - if it weren’t for FB. I wouldn’t be here discussing this and so many other worthwhile topics. I wouldn’t have observed the mind-boggling descent into irrational fear and hive-mind hysterics that I have witnessed in friends, family, colleagues and mentors. Seeing the obvious signs of brainwashing and conditioning through fear and wildly stretched interpretations of truth has helped further open my own eyes to truths I knew or suspected, and opened my eyes to truths that altered some of my own views. So I can’t say that it has ruined the world, because my life has been changed dramatically for better and for worse by interactions on FB. However I am not so ignorant or narcissistic as to believe that my experiences outweigh the sum whole of them all. But I will say that I think it has served it’s purposes, and like all monopolies, it has gotten too big for it’s britches. It is clear that it is no longer about connecting people and sharing thoughts and ideas, it is now solely a means of propagandizing their agenda and ushering in the New Age of Technocracy. Their users are manipulated into electing leaders, backing legislature and chanting mantras designed to spark reactionary revolutions in order to bring their visions from the web to the world. Like Old Yeller, it was a good friend once upon a time. But it’s since gone rabid, and no one is safe in it’s presence. The time will come (who am I kidding? It’s half past the hour) when we will need to take it out back and put it out of its misery.

Portland Police Worry About More Unrest as Stress Grows and Resources Shrink - WSJ

In Friday the 18th news…:ghost:

Last fall, a research team using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) uncovered a number of crypts, as well as the possible remains of an underground passageway or tunnel, while conducting excavations at the chapel of Saint Stanislaus in Chwarszczany.

“According to legends and medieval documents, there was a well in the vicinity of the chapel,” Przemysław Kołosowski, the lead archaeologist working on the site, tells CNN. “Rumor has it that the well served as an entrance to a secret tunnel. This still requires an exhaustive archeological investigation.”

Police State: Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film (720p)
For higher res. up to 4k go to youtube

changed his Twitter profile picture to something that resembles a direct energy weapon (#DEW). But it’s actually a time-lapse overexposure from a Falcon 9 launch. But it still “looks” like a DEW warning. In the restricted channel there is a video talking about the American space force, and how militarized space is being supplied with armaments that we will soon witness of its power.

:airplane: #Air_crashes
September 19
:somalia: A Fokker 50 (5Y-MHT) cargo plane crashed at Aden Adde International Airport (MGQ) in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. The plane’s cockpit crushed against a concrete barrier just steps from the sea.
The aircraft was operated by Silverstone Air Services in Kenya until November 2019, when the airline was grounded by authorities. The current operator is unclear at this time.
The aircraft operated on a cargo flight to Beledweyne.

:airplane: #Air_crashes
19 сентября
:somalia: Грузовой Fokker 50 (5Y-MHT) разбился в международном аэропорту Аден Адде (MGQ) столицы Сомали Могадишо, врезавшись в бетонный барьер в нескольких шагах от моря.
До ноября 2019 года самолет эксплуатировался кенийской авиакомпанией Silverstone Air Services. Текущий оператор неизвестен.
Самолет выполнял грузовой рейс в Беледуэйн


:zap:Around the world on Saturday, September 19, a large-scale failure occurred in the work of Telegram messenger
:ukraine::belarus::ru::de::it::brazil::singapore: Users from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Italy, Brazil and Singapore faced problems
:switzerland::netherlands::kazakhstan::jp: This morning Telegram did not connect to Network also for residents of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Japan
According to preliminary data, Telegram will not work until 5 pm Moscow time
Now in Moscow 11:30 am
P.S. P.S. It wonder if US company SamSandvine Inc, which supplied software for blocking telegram in Belarus, is connected with these problems?

:zap:По всему миру в субботу, 19 сентября, в работе мессенджера Telegram произошел масштабный сбой
:ukraine::belarus::ru::de::it::brazil::singapore: С проблемами столкнулись пользователи из Украины, Беларуси, России, Германии, Италии, Бразилии и Сингапура
:switzerland::netherlands::kazakhstan::jp: Этим утром Telegram не подключался к Сети также у жителей Швейцарии, Нидерландов, Казахстана и Японии
По предварительным данным, Telegram не будет работать до 17:00 мск
P.S. Интересно, связана ли этими проблемами американская компания СамSandvine Inc, поставлявшая программное обеспечение для блокировок tg в РБ?

What the fuck is going on?!


Today, in general, madhouse around Worldwide…

More is being published on the electric mud, or microbial fuel cells. It looks like the Navy has been experimenting with them since 2008.

A big perk of these so-called microbial fuel cells is their longevity. Bacteria can repair and reproduce themselves nearly indefinitely, creating a small but constant electric charge; in one U.S. Navy experiment, conducted in 2008, researchers used a Geobacter fuel cell to power a small weather buoy in Washington, D.C.'s Potomac River for more than nine months without showing any signs of weakening.

At any given time, billions of the bacteria are buzzing with electricity beneath the seafloor. Now, in a new study published Aug. 17 in the journal Nature Chemical Biology, Malvankar and his colleagues have figured out how to combine that energy into a potent, microbial power grid.

Here is the 2008 paper

And the current study from August 17, 2020

Now for the Disclosure part. Bio-neural circuitry was displayed in an episode of Star Trek Voyager

11 police officers in Melbourne to arrest one anti government protestor

Take the #GoodwillChallenge.

Go check out your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or locally owned and operated thrift store to hunt down SHTF supplies.

See what you can find to put your upcycling skills to the test. Can you repurpose what you find?

This will be an important skill to cultivate in the event of an emergency or a supply chain collapse.

Take the challenge and practice now while you have time.

People in Hurricane areas know this too well

You might have a generator but you hook it for some lights and the fridge. If its really powerful maybe AC or fans, but the little electric appliances cannot be used

Things like pressure cooker that can be place over charcoal

Cast irons, mason jars, hunting knifes

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She mentions reardon and ctrl-labs before she dies

Ditto. I’d like to know what happened to her.

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