Update News2-24 Coronavirus China Declassified

⤺ reposted by @paktani28 from The Iranian Deputy Minister of Health, who has confirmed Wuhan pneumonia internationally, just spoke to "Wuhan Pneumonia". As you can see, it is not in a good condition here.

Versaflo :eyes:




Current vibe in Tokyo :point_up_2:t6: for now

Denver Airport paintings…

Remember it takes at least one year for a vaccine to come to the market.

What’s are link to this group chat?!? My friend is HIGHLY interested and I can’t find the link in the group on Facebook-

Since most of us will start self quarantine soon

Movie Channel :slight_smile: watch movies on telegram

For when Netflix goes down

Hopefully never

But just in case


I smell rats lots of rats everybody (governments) are involved as beezer cat cat said below takes up to 8 months if it’s 8 months then this is it from November to july/August they must have already known about it


Bazooka Drone


This is also happening near my house. In the evening, a small supermarket secretly opens the door and sells it to individuals. It is more and better than the community group purchase. The price is still a lot more expensive than usual. Supermarket, it feels similar to Pyongyang’s night black market.

@s0ftmachine OTC veggies :arrow_up:

So far Black Markets for




And Rice

Are thriving

Southern Italy, desenfectant and masks are not available…

I’m renaming it Gucci Mask, since Gucci Glocks are also a thing

Tell the rappers

Oooooww, I want some Gucci masks. :laughing:

Of the meds we got stockd


More of noticing what markets might develop in the first world

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